Zalikah and Rebecca's Entree

Zalikah and Rebecca's Entree


- 20 prawns
- 2 cucumbers
- 1 tomato
- 1 red onion
- 3-4 lemons
- Parsley
- 1/c Tomato sauce
- 1 Tb Tomato relish
- 1 Tb Horse radish
- 2 Tb Mayonnaise
- 1 Tb Olive oil
- 1 avocado
- Salt& pepper

1) Put sauce pan onto the stove with water half filled
2) Once boiling add the prawns into the sauce pan
3) Juice the first lemon with salt (1/2 tsp) and add it to the boiling prawns.
4) After 3-4 minutes of boiling take prawns off the stove to cool
5) If the prawns have heads on them then de-head it but keep the tail on.
6) Slice one cucumber and dice the other.
7) Put the diced cucumber in a bowl.
8) Cut the tomato in half then proceed to dice like the cucumber
9) Peel the red onion then slice in half and proceed to dice the onion.
10) Cut the avocado in half and cube one half in medium squares
11) Add all the diced and sliced vegetables into the bowl with the diced cucumber.
12) Now get the second bowl and add the 1/c tomato sauce.
13) Add The tomato relish, horse radish, olive oil and 2 Tb mayonnaise and to stop the sauce from tasting sweet add some lemon juice. Whisk the sauce.
14) Add one quarter of the sauce and add it to the vegetable mixture. Take 11 of the boiled prawns and thinly slice and add it to the vegetable mixture.

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