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Who Wants A Pair Of Sneakers That Lace Themselves Up?

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To some of us, Michael J Fox will always be Marty McFly. And for all of us, Marty McFly will always be beyond cool.

If, like us, you've always wanted to be Marty McFly, you're going to need to get yourself a pair of the self-tying power lace kicks he wore in Back to the Future.

Luckily, Nike dseigner Tinker Hatfield has revealed that in 2015 YOU'LL FINALLY BE ABLE TO.

Nike actually released a replica pair in 2011 that was auctioned off, which at the time caused quite a frenzy amongst sneaker-buffs and Back to the Future fans alike.

That was cool enough, especially because all proceeds went to The Michael J Fox Foundation, but they weren't completely mind-blowing because they didn't actually lace themselves up. The 2015 versions however, WILL.

This is where we struggle not to implode with excitement.

This geeky breakthrough in shoe technology will be unveiled in the same year the shoes are actually from in the film. This may have been a deliberate move on Nike's part, or... the technology could be so advanced it's really taken this long to produce. We'd like to believe the latter.

Catch Marty-...we mean, Michael J Fox in The Michael J Fox Show Mondays 9pm.

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