Walt's No-Sew Bunting

Walt's No-Sew Bunting


- Wool
- 10 pieces of A4 sized paper in cool colours and patterns
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Glue or double sided tape


1. Fold a piece of A4 paper in half width-wise (so that the two shorter sides have been folded to meet. Using your ruler, find the centre point along the bottom edge (opposite end from the crease). Make a small pencil mark at the centre point, then draw a line from the centre point to each of the top corners – you should have a triangle shape. Cut along the pencil lines so that you have a double triangle with a crease in the middle.
2. Repeat this with the rest of your paper so that you have ten triangles.
3. Measure out 2.2 metres of wool – start 10cm in and fold a triangle over the wool so that it’s hanging over both sides. Use double sided sticky tape or glue to stick the two sides of the triangle together and seal the triangle over the wool.
4. Repeat with the rest of your triangles, leaving a 5cm gap between each triangle. There should be 10cm of wool left at the other end as well which will give you plenty of room to tie the wool and hang your bunting.

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