Walt's Longboard

Walt's Longboard


1 sheet of 2 x 1 metre 3mm ply wood, cut into 3 even long pieces
A piece of ridged cardboard – about 1.4 metres long
A metre ruler
A pen/pencil10- 12 strong clamps
Off cut of wood – 1 long bit & 3 short bits
Gorilla glue
Two heavy objects such as bricks or weights
Bits of flat wood to put under clamps
Safety goggles & breathing mask
Electric sander
Cool piece of fabric you like
Fabric glue
Grip tape or glue and sand


Draw your template on the cardboard with a long ruler or other straight object. NB: Only draw one full length side of the deck so you can flip it over and have a symmetrical deck! 30 cm in total width so 15cm on the template.
Mark centre line on all 4 sheets of 3mm ply wood
Draw the template on the top piece. Do this by lining it up with the centre line and tracing around it.
Flip it over and repeat on the other side of the centre line – this will leave it a perfectly symmetrical shape.


Attach 2 short pieces of wood on either end of your long piece and one on the other side in the middle to make mould.


· Use very powerful wood glue – gorilla glue is great. Make sure there is an oldie around when using this!
· Lay the ply on the floor and cover it in glue. Use an off cut of cardboard to spread glue in an even layer.
· Place the next piece of ply on top making sure the centre lines are perfectly lined up. Repeat with the third.


· Place three pieces of ply on top of your mould so that one bit is sitting under one end of ply and the other is ¾ down.
· Secure 2 clamps on either end and both sides of mould. Secure another clamp in the middle on both sides so there is a very clear bend. Then secure another 2 clamps on both sides on the overhanging piece to create a bend there also. This will give it a wave look.
· Now the shape is perfect, you want it to stay like that while the glue is drying. Cover the board in clamps so that every bit of ply is under pressure. Make sure there are pieces of flat wood between clamp and board so the ply doesn’t dent. TIP! Use bits of wood the same width as the ply and clamp it at both sides.
· Leave the board in clamps overnight to mould position


Take clamps off Using a jigsaw, cut out the shape leaving a 10mm excess. Get an oldie to help you with this!
Sand down the excess edges in nice rounded curves so there are no sharp bits.
Mark out where trucks go using a right angle and a pen at the already drawn centre line. NB: The points marked must be in exact order for the board to go straight!


· Place fabric onto board and trace around the shape. Cut fabric out.
· Glue fabric to bottom of deck. Make sure holes for trucks were marked on top so you can still see them.
· When glue is dry, apply epoxy. This will harden and protect the material. NB: Wear a mask because epoxy is very potent!

Drill holes where you have marked outAssemble trucks and wheels

GRIP - You could do this two ways:
Smear glue onto surface into desired pattern, blow sand over it and leave to dry
Apply grip tape in desired pattern

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