Solar Oven

Solar Oven

- 1 cardboard pizza box
- Scissors
- Tin foil
- Clear tape
- Glad wrap
- Black paper
- Newspaper
- A ruler, or wooden spoon

1) Use scissors to cut a flap in the lid of the pizza box, cutting along only three sides. Fold this flap out so it stands up.
2) Next, wrap tin foil around the flap and secure it with tape at the back.
3) Cover the hole you have created with two layers of glad wrap. Tape it on the inside very securely so no air can escape.
4) Tape black paper to the bottom of the box and use rolls of newspaper to line around the outside. This area is where the food will be cooked.
5) Put your eggs in - we put our eggs on a pie tray
6) Use a wooden spoon, ruler or a stick to hold open the flap.
7) Angle it to the sun so it bounces the most light in to the box.

The heat from the sun is trapped inside the cardboard box. It collects the sunlight inside the box. The rays of light come to earth at an angle and the foil reflects the ray. Once the ray has gone through the box and plastic wrap, it heats up the air that is trapped inside the box. The paper absorbs the heat and the newspaper makes sure it stays where it is and doesn't escape.

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