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Walter: Welcome back...

Walter: Welcome back...

Yo guys! How’s it??? I’m excited as it’s Sticky’s first week back on your screens!!!

And a lot of you are back to school now- I remember after the school holidays feeling SOO READY FOR SCHOOL!!! You can see all your mates and set some goals!

On the topic of goals, what are your goals for the year? I heard a really good quote ‘write the vision and make the plan!’ Put it down on paper and chase it!

In other news…the other day my bro Hamish broke his leg in a really lame crash on his brand new BMX, he was going super slow down a ramp and his back wheel rolled over his left leg, and he said “oh…I broke my leg” in a fairly monotone manner, so I called the ambulance and we hung out at the hospital! He’s on the mend now though!

Looking forward to hanging out with you guys again!!


Here it is the first blog of the year! Guys I’m pumped to go into another year with you! Sticky is going to fresh as this year, we are going even bigger!
So…what do you want to see?! This is your show-tell us what you want to see from your living room and we could make it happen just for you! Want to see something made? An interview with a certain person? Or how about seeing us doing a crazy stunt that you dreamt up?

On another note I would love to hear about your holidays! What did ya get up to?
I had a holiday of ups and downs, my Wonderful ‘Grandma Thyrle’ passed away and she’ll be missed a lot.

So as you can imagine I spent a fair bit of time with my family over the holidays and got to meet family I hadn’t seen in years as they came from all corners to celebrate my Grandma Thyrle, which was great!

On another note you’ve got to see this…my bros and I made a sick BMX jump in our Uncle’s back yard. It’s amazing what you can do with some recycled wood if you use it resourcefully.

So team I’m personally pumped about chilling with you for another EPIC year!

Also I want to say a big thanks to Bailea and Scarlett for writing to me! Keep your comments coming in guys!!


Yo guys!!! It's time to rock out!!!

...because it’s the holiday season! That's a pic of me and my bro Hamish and my friend Woody!!!

So what are you getting up to over the holidays???

If you want some cool things to do/make for Xmas presents check the Sticky website.Below are a few ideas I've been working on at home in the garage that you may like to have a crack at!

Picture frames can be a great gift and there's simple ways of making them!

Skate ramps are a good project if you've got leftover wood. Will only take a few hours to make something like this:

So there's a few cool things to make- a nice small ramp will fit in the boot of your family car meaning you could take it on holiday with you!!!

Enjoy your summer hols, stay safe and I’ll see you for more epic adventures in 2013!! Peace!!!

- Walt

Yo team!!! Hope you had a great week!! I had such a good time singing Christmas carols last night with my family!! My brothers and I did a bit of parkour on the way there, swinging off trees and sliding along various objects in style!

I’ve got another bright idea for something you can do with paper- it’s a sweet boredom buster! Grab two bits of paper that are the same size and have a competition to see who can make the longest spiral.

Here’s Gerardo and I before we started…

And here’s after…

Gerard gave up early in the comp lol, making me the ULTIMATE PAPER RIPPING SPIRAL MAKING WINNER!

So here’s a question to round off the blog…What are you doing over the holidays??I’d love to hear from ya! -Walt

Yo guys!!! I’m in the zone coz I love writing these blogs! It’s the place for you and me to chat! First up I’m soo glad that ‘Sandra Kay’ is going to make the pop up card on my blog instead of buying cards!!! So happy to help! Another cool thing about homemade things is that they’re usually more personal which makes it extra special because someone worked really hard on it! Also a big thanks to ‘Tracy Feng’ for your kind compliment!

Now I’d like to spoil you with my favourite paper plane!!! This is amazing if you tweak it right!

Make these with your friends and see whose will stay in the air for the longest amount of time! I once threw one off the deck on a windy day and it flew for 1 minute!!! It was amazing!!!

Guys have a great week and I’m always happy to chat on the blog! Peace!!!!- Walt!

What up, what up! A big shout out to everyone at Starship hospital!!! We went there on Saturday and had a tonne of fun!

I’ve just read your replies on the blog and would like to say to ‘Brooke Spicer’ that I think you should defiantly dress up at your disco if you want to! That sounds like a heap of fun! – send us a pic of your outfit if poss!

Here’s a really simple Christmas decoration:

Grab some paper, and fold in half.

Fold again.

Now fold like this so that you rolling your paper from the centre of the folds, into a triangle shape.

With some scissors, creatively chop out some patterns- I tried to make a Christmas tree with a star on top.

Now unfold and show it off!!! LOOK EVERYONE!!!!! HAHAHHA THIS IS AWESOME!!!! (that’ll get some attention)

Now you can paint them and put them on the Christmas tree, or hang them up around the house!
Also just want to say thank you for your brilliant letters and photos- they are all amazing and everyone is appreciated!!

- Peace, ya boi Waltdawg!

Yo team!!
Thank you to Nikita for writing back and also to Kayla- great advice about getting a new pet, Kayla says she does chores to pay for a few of her pets which I think is really cool!

Now as you know Christmas is just around the corner so here’s a simple pop up card you can make.

Step 1
Grab some paper.

Step 2
Fold it in half.

Step 3
Fold it in half again like so...

Step 4
Draw an image in the centre that you want to pop up.

Step 5
Fold the middle up like so.

Step 6
Cut a slits where you want the image to lift up.

Step 7
Push down the bits you don’t want to pop up.

Step 8
Get buck with your mean as pop up card and give it to someone!


Kia Ora team! Hope you had a mint weekend!
Now a reply to a comment on the blog…ahem…
Hey ‘Nikita’! Far out I didn’t realize it was you! Yes I remember you!!! How are things way down south??? I saw your sister the other day and she was doing really well!

The other week I was talking about sailing and guess what- I went for a sail on Sunday arvo with my sister and brothers! I seriously reckon you should consider it- start off with a small boat called an ‘optimist’- have a goggle and you’ll see they’re a nice small boat to start out with! Don’t forget your life jackets!

Have an epic week- and one thing I don’t say enough is thank you so much for all your letters and competition entries- its amazing how much effort you put in, every single letter is valued so keep them coming!

Question: What’s your favourite thing about summer??? -Walt

Our tour of the blog brings us to another letter in my shed of advice:
Hi Guys!!!
Can you please help me? My brother torments me and Mum blames me most of the time and I feel like there’s nothing I can do to stop him. All he does is hurt me. Do you have any advice????!!!! From Stacey

Ever been in a similar situation?? How did you cope/ fix things? I think most of us have felt this way before so you’re not alone Stacey.

What up team! So fill me in on how your long weekend went!?

I spent just about the ENTIRE thing working on our row/ sail boat as you can see it needed some love!

While we’re on the topic of sailing, you might actually like to give it a crack! It’s so fun getting pulled along by the wind. Bit of a fact ‘Jamie McDell’ loves to go sailing and I hear she’s awesome at it! You can find yacht clubs all around NZ, some are super cheap. So you pay a fee and then you can take the boats out of their shed and sail them around, a really cool family activity- man I’m getting excited just writing about it!!!!

And that’s the Blog! I look forward to your thoughts! Have a great week! -Walt

What up crew! Ohoy!

First things first I need to reply to your comments and thank you for them:
Nikita good on you for tackling the fear fall!
Brittany thanks for your lovely comment about loving Sticky
Samei, thanks for you compliment, btw you’re epic!
Amberley I don’t remember ever hugging a kiwi but that would be AWESOME!- have you?
Uvindi, that’s cool to hear you went to Rainbows End, how was it?
Bailea thanks for saying we’re awesome! So are you!

There we go! So how things? Have you got any tips for my Shed of Advice? Your ideas could help other people out making you kinda like a hero!

So here’s a letter to be read on Monday! Have you been in a similar situation- how did you deal with it?? :-)

Dear Walt,
Help Walt, I miss my best friend and he is a boy. I just wrote to him and I don’t know what to say when he’s going to ring up, and my brother telling everyone and everyone making up rumors. How do I stop the rumors and what am I going to say? Please!! HELP!!
From Kara.

Would be cool to see what you guys think! Have a mean as week oi!!!!

Below is a letter for my Shed of Advice which I’ll be talking about on our Wednesday show! So if you’ve been through this before, what did you do about it??

Comment below!

Dear Walt,
I come from a big family and sometimes I feel like I don’t have a voice. Sometimes I get down because I feel like my family don’t listen to me….I need your help, it feels like we’re not a family because no one really knows anyone….and they’re all too busy to care.

Introducing…dan dan da da dahhhhh! BLOG!

Yo team! Thanks for your comments on the blog!

‘Bailea’ thanks for giving me the heads up about your audition!!! Thanks so much for coming out and giving it a go! Girlband is sooo cool! ‘Uvindi’ thanks for filling me in on what you’ve been up to- Rainbows End is epic! Has anyone been on the Fear Fall?

On another note, ever woken up with drawings on your face?? My brother…not naming any names “SEBASTIAN” got me on Sunday morning!!

Have a sweet week team! -Walt

Yo guys! How’s it going??? IT’S THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS NOW!!!!!!!!!! That was a reminder!

So what are you going to do over the hols???

Here’s an idea…you could give me a hand in the Shed of Advice! I’ve been flicking through some of your letters and something that has popped up a lot is ‘crushes’ (not crushed food in your lunch box, I mean when you like someone a bit more than you like your friends).

So here’s a few quotes from some letters to give you an idea of what I’m reading…

“Dear Walter, I like this girl at my school but I don’t know what to say?” – from Kody

“If he rejects me it will ‘weirden’ our friendship?”- from someone in Whakatane.

’Ben’ is also worried it will ruin his friendship.

‘In Love‘ writes: “I really want to date him and I think we have the potential to date but I don’t know how to win him over.”

So what do you guys reckon? What’s your experience been like with crushes, did you approach your crush, if so –how?

Your help is appreciated! P.s. keep the letters coming! And have as mean as holiday!!!

Chur from ya boy Waltdog!


What’s up Bloggers! Nah I reckon a better nick name is ‘Bee-loggers’, kind of like saying ‘partay’ instead of ‘party’ right.
So Bee-loggers how’s it all going?? Things for me have been sweet! Hung out with my Gran in the weekend! Love that Girl, 88 years old, makes the best plum jam, best plum sauce, best fruit cakes, best anything!

Here’s a question! What are your family’s signature foods? Got any family recipes that you guys love? If you’d like to let everyone know you could send the recipe in and make your family famous!

Comment below and let me know what your fave family recipes are or send us a letter with your recipe! PO Box 68961, Newton, Auckland


Kia ora guys welcome to Walt’s blog, cheers ‘Sandra Kay’ for the comment- yea my bro looks a lot like me, apparently all 3 do, it’s funny how everyone else can see it, but I can’t! Over the weekend I hit Mt Ruapehu, a big shout out to ‘T Squad’, I met these guys on the mountain and they were sick snow boarders. Below is a pic of me and my mates ‘Josh’ and ‘Wu’- you can’t beat the old jumping photo! Here’s my question, have you got a go to pose for photos and what is it???

Heyo what’s up and welcome to my blog- a place where you and I can chat about anything! Even the strong link between sea horses and astronauts… is there a link…hang on, nope, maybe not…

So first I’ll chat and then I’d love it if you replied. Have you ever done a performance at a special occasion, like at a birthday or something? Maybe performed a song??My sister Odessa and I decided last minute to make up a song and perform it at our friends engagement party! We made it funny and everyone laughed- which was great! So I’d like to give you a push if you’re thinking about doing a performance at a friend’s birthday or a family gathering of some sort. Just give it a go, everyone will appreciate it!

As per usual have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you!

Yo guys!! Get ready for the usual awesome week of Sticky! Hope you had a great weekend! What is your favorite thing to do on the weekend???

I cooked a crayfish for my Grandma and I failed terribly about a month ago, so this time I got it right!!! She loved it! Also below is a pic of the sun block job I did on my brother Hamish at the snow! Better too much than too little lol.

If you have some spare time this weekend you should try making this legit spinning top! We used to make them and battle them at intermediate school:

- grab a plastic sip-top bottle, with a pair of scissors (and help from an oldie) cut the bottle just above where the lid is screwed on (this will be extra weight to make it spin better)
- wedge off the nozzle part of the lid and cello tape a marble to the bottom of the lid (would normally be the top of the lid, but now its upside down)
- wrap some string around the nozzle part of the lid
- hold a pencil inside the lid and pull the string hard!!!

Your spinning top will spin for ages! You can make modifications to make it faster, stronger, last longer. Any questions let me know and I’m happy to help out.

Have a really good week!!! -Walt

Yo guys! Welcome to ‘Walters blog’- here’s the latest adventure:

I went snow boarding with my bro and some friends over the weekend which was awesome, I got to try bigger jumps and did a 2-3 meter cliff drop! Then hit the advanced section and had a crash into someone’s fist so I scored a sweet fat lip- I look like duck!!! Lol. It’s funny when you get an injury everyone can see- you have to repeat the story so many times lol.

Tell me about your trip to the snow if you’ve been this season! I’d love to hear from ya!!


What's up in the building party people!!! That's one way to start a blog lol. Thank you for all the comments guys! Today's blog is about failed trips that turn out great! So me my brother and my friend who's known as 'Farmer Manu' on Sticky went on a fishing trip recently in the Coromandel. We rowed out 100-200 meters cast out our lines and sat there for 2 bites...hmm still no bites...was that a??? nope...- at the end of two hours we realized we needed to get back home, pulled in our lines, as we did so we noticed that the water was only a few feet deep!!! So we started to row back in and when we were 20 meters from shore our boat started to sink!!!! So I quickly jumped out and had to push- we had loads of fun and just joked about what we would say when we got home about the fish we didn't catch lol. So it wasn't what we hoped for but such a fun hang out time.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?

Have a great week! Even if it doesn't go as planned- PEACE!!! -Walt

Yo! Lesson learned, don't leave phone attended by little brother Sebastian took loads of photos of himself doing goofy faces and saved them as my screen saver! Haha, I do love pranks though! I think I might start doing a few more- got any ideas??? We can brain storm some and then I can get the others pranked on the show for your enjoyment! So if you want to be part of the planning at Sticky, write your ideas below!

Other than that- do you play an instrument or are you thinking about it. I just got a Baritone Ukulele which is really cool because it's made of the bottom four strings of a standard guitar making fingering similar!

Have a great week! peace

Kia Ora Team!!! Here we go with another awesome week!

Thanks Belle (who commented on the blog) for following the Quiz Caravan to Hamilton - that's commitment!
Over the weekend I was spoilt enough to go to Mt Ruapehu and went snow boarding! On the way back I couldn't help but notice this MASSIVE KIWI in Otorohanga!

Oh! Just had to give it a hug lol.

A big shout out to John from Palmerston North' who is a big fan of Sticky- I met him on the chair lift in 'Happy Valley' at Mt Ruapehu!
I'll leave you with this question!

How much wood, could a wood chuck, chuck, if a wood chuck could chuck wood?...and no you don't have to answer that!

Have a great week! Peace!

What is happening people!? It's getting chilly ay. I reckon a good investment this winter is a hot water bottle or a wheat bag that you pop in the microwave and they stay hot for ages- that's once they're out of the microwave just to clear that up lol. Check out how to make one for yourself here! >>  

My shins are sore!!! Bit of a change in subject there lol! I went snow boarding over the weekend and tried to grind a hand rail but as I went to jump onto the rail the front of my board hooked under the rail and BOOM I came down hard on the rail. A lot of people saw it and laughed!
But you know what I learnt from this, life gives you challenges and the way to get to the next level is to keep trying until you achieve that goal and then move on to the next thing.

Anyway time to get to the most important part!... what's been going on in your lives??? Anything embarrassing like me?
Have a great week!


Hey people welcome to my Blog!

I had the pleasure of going to Christchurch over the weekend with Gerard for our friends 21st birthday! There was plenty of snow- the rugby fields were covered in it. We went to 'Hanmer Springs' and had a swim in the hot pools! On our way back from the pools we pulled over to visit a sheep that was wearing a high visibility vest and was tied to a fence. I named him 'Burt the road worker' and took a video of him- he wasn't really interested, just ate grass lol. I love the refreshing air in Christchurch, reminds me of tramping and snowboarding!

That's my little adventure, what's been happening in your lives lately?
Have a great week! Swagger up

- Walter

Yo guys! Hope you had a great week and are ready for the next one! 

I had a great weekend- I went to see my 'Grandma Thyrl' in Tuakau which is about an hour south of Auckland. So I rolled up, saw how she was doing and she said she'd like me to cut down some trees- so I did a bit of chain sawing and turned the tree into firewood.It's really good to visit your grandparents and offer to do some work around the place, they really appreciate it!!!

I've just been reading the comments on my blog! Tibby it's good to hear you've got a goal of walking your dog everyday for 30mins! It's a good way to exercise and have fun with your pup!

Here's my question to you guys- what is your favorite thing to do in the weekend?


Kia ora!!! Here's another blog! Well I'm excited for another great week- I just heard that the mountain had a big dumping of snow! Anybody going to the snow this year? Maybe for a school trip? As I may see you at the mountain.
In other friend Ben just had surgery on his knee and he can't do much more than sit in a lazy boy chair, order people around, and pick his nose- he won't be able to walk for 2-4 weeks which feels like forever! So have you got any sweet ideas to keep him busy apart from eating and Facebook oh and nose picking?? He would appreciate it very much!

P.s I hope you guys enjoyed 'Around the World Week'- I'll try to avoid wearing the 'speedos' for the next few months at least (only coz it's it's cold though lol!)

Have a great week!!! And keep your letters coming in! They are amazing and everyone of them is appreciated.
-Walt Deezy

Here we go, BOOM! Time to type up a blog! Hmm what's been on my mind??? Well mothers day was a great success! I saw Mum, gave her a kiss and spent some quality time with her and the family! My sister Odessa and my brother Hamish made a crack-up song for Mum which they called 'Cup Flower'- yep you're confused, so am I - it was a hilarious and random song- Mum loves that stuff!
In other news I also had one of my brothers birthday on Saturday! He turned 11! So I hooked him up with a screw driver kit and a crescent as he loves using tools, which runs in the family!
Oh I also finished making another long board this time for my brother Sebastian! Something you should give a go (not making one for my bro- but for yourself lol)! They're a great way to get to and from school, just leave it in the school office throughout the day!

Now to round off my blog: here's Walt's Blog Question! (Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue but I needed something)...ahemm what do you do as soon as you get home from school?? Got anything weird you do, or a habit or hobby? Hit me up and let me know! - One habit I had was leaving my lunch in my bag over night! The next day it was gnarly!

By the way it's great to hear Belle is a fan of the Quiz Caravan! Thanks for your feedback! And thanks to everyone that's read or written on the blog, keep it up, lets turn this blog into a party!

Have a great week guys!

Yo guys! I just thought I'd let ya know about the latest adventures of 'Walter Neilands and the______ “(haven't thought out the rest of the title yet).

Well something that I think you guys should do is keep in touch with the whole family! Say yo to your Grandma! I got Gran to tell me how she met my Granddad, and talked a bit about my family tree which was cool to hear about, I've got some Irish and Scottish in me from her side!

Also I went surfing again and it's getting cold lol!
Hey how was your Saturday sports game if you play a sport? Keep me updated on how your teams getting on! If you don't play a sport but you want then definitely try getting a team or take up a solo sport like BMX or Scootering! My basket ball team is going to face the toughest team tonight so gonna have to go hard!!- be a supporter of your team! Don't be afraid to yell out encouragement to your team mates- it feels good when you're on the field and your team mate is encouraging you!

Have a great week: PEACE...of cake


Hey guys! Hope you have a great weekend! If you play sports, let me know how they go! My brothers are playing soccer and doing really well! Have you got dreams of being a sports star? If you do, I encourage you to push yourself and maybe do a bit of extra training in your own time to build your passion and skill. If you're into soccer grab a friend or a sis/ bro and knock a ball around and go over some of the drills you did with your coach at practice. I'm sure you'll notice some extra confidence and skill on game dayJ
Ps let me know what your favorite things are about winter!

Yo guys!

Hope you had an awesome holiday! Sometimes at the end of the hols you can feel like you need school, especially if you've been a bit bored lol. Anyway the start of the term is a great time to set some goals!! Maybe you want to score a few goals for your soccer team (ha see what I did there), or you want to get a better school report, or you want to excel in some other way - go for it! Write it down and do your best to make it happen. Mon just set a goal for me that I need to stop saying 'BRO' for the day (it's hard) I've already failed, but I'm gonna keep trying!! So it's good to start small and work your way up!

Have a great week - let me know what some of your goals are!! :-)


Yo guys! Alright I hope you had an awesome Easter and the school holidays are off to a great start!!!

Wahoo freedom! Sleep-ins, messy hair!!! Lol just had to get that out!

So Mon and I are camping over the holidays, maybe you'd like to give it a jam!

Even if you can't leave the house, all good, set up camp in the backyard, or in the lounge!!! Just grab a few chairs, lay a blanket over them and boom you've got an indoor tent!!!

Let me know how your camping goes and any funny camping stories you have and catch Mon and I each morning at the campsite 7am - 9am!


Leanna: Hey everyone!

Leanna: Hey everyone!

I can't believe it, Sticky is done and dusted...

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Who watched the kiwi’s game last weekend? Can you believe that the kiwis are now the Four Nations Champs!

Leanna: Hey guys!

Leanna: Hey guys!

It's blog time about Blair...I managed to capture some pretty funny and cute shots of her the other day.

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Christchurch! My home and my favourite place to go...


Sticky Blog

Gerry: Goodbye Stickers!

Gerry: Goodbye Stickers!

4 years...I started off at Sticky TV when I was 18 years old...

Leanna: Hey everyone!

Leanna: Hey everyone!

I can't believe it, Sticky is done and dusted...

Gerry: Hey Stickers!

Gerry: Hey Stickers!

Ok Stickers, I'm continuing on with my segment called "Rewind"...

Walter: What up Stickers!

Walter: What up Stickers!

I had a great weekend of meeting heaps of cool Sticky fans!

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Leanna: Hey Stickers!

Who watched the kiwi’s game last weekend? Can you believe that the kiwis are now the Four Nations Champs!