Walter Neilands

Walter Neilands

If you’re looking for Walter you can normally find him at the skate park. 22 year old Walter loves skating and BMX-ing and is always keen to give anything a try. Walter has a flair for designing and building things and loves spending time in his Shed of Advice answering your letters.

Walter enjoys skateboarding, dancing and performing BMX tricks.

Name: Walter Ezekiel Neilands

Nicknames: Walterella, Walterine, Waltdog, Walt, Big guy and sometimes Gerry gets cheeky and calls me 'Junior'.

Birthday 19th of March 1991

What schools have you been to? As I grew up my family moved around a lot so went to a bunch of schools including...'Westport Primary', 'Canvas-town Primary' (a small town school with about 25 students), 'Tuakau Primary' (Sir Edmund Hillary attended this school too), 'Waiheke Island Primary School', 'Waiheke Intermediate', 'Waiheke High School' and 'Pukekohe High School'. Going to different schools was great! I got to meet lots of people and got to know different parts of NZ!

What was your favourite subject at school? I really liked Outdoor Education, the trips were awesome and you got to know your class mates really well. I also loved English! I enjoyed essay writing and doing film studies a lot in English!

What's your favourite colour? Hmmm I really like blue and red.

What's your most embarrassing moment? Tough question! Today I accidentally called a woman "Bro" - that didn't go so smoothly lol. The other day I told a life guard my time for swimming 400 meters and they and their friends cracked up in hysterics and tried to cover up their laughter - I need to work on my swimming speed!

If you could have a magical power what would it be? To make whatever equipment I want appear, when and where I want it! E.g if I'd like a BMX "poof" it would appear. If I want a cruise ship "poof" it would appear. This would be very handy for Christmas/birthday pressies for everyone too!

What's your favourite thing to cook? Sausages! Nice and simple yet so rewarding! That question makes me hungry!

What do you like best about Sticky TV? Having a laugh with everyone! We have lots of laughs and it's good for you! hahahahahahahaha!

Do you have any special talents? I'm good at BMX and building things! I love doing projects in my garage, recently I made a large out-door table for my mum.

If you could hang out with anyone for a day, who would it be and what would you do? Toughy! It'd be someone that has achieved something awesome so I could learn from them, maybe Will Ferrell (the funny actor) or a top BMX rider 'Paul Langlands'. We would talk about life and ride BMX all day.

What do you like to do in the weekends? I like to go on trips and see my family in South Auckland. It's very typical of me to hit the skate-park. Often I have a goal of what I'd like to get done in the weekend and I'll shoot for that.

Can you play any instruments? Yes! I played trumpet for 7 years. I definitely would need a month to get back up to scratch though. Often I'll strum my baritone ukulele for fun.

What's your favourite song? hmmm I really like up-beat music, 'Ladi6' is great and so is 'Flume'. Oh! Here we go...I really like 'Dancing in the Moonlight' by 'Top Loader'! Look it up.

What sports do you play and which ones would you like to try? I've played in many teams: soccer, cricket, tennis, rugby, hockey and indoor netball. They're loads of fun and you learn to push yourself and good team work! I'd like to do more snowboarding and one day I'd like to wear a squirrel suit and do base jumping! Oh and surfing - I've been practising over the summer (got the rash to prove it) and made some progress, I can stand up for a few seconds!)

Who is your favourite cartoon character? SPIDERMAN!

What's your favourite NZ beach? Probably Whangamata! A great white sand beach with some waves to surf! I like all Coromandel Peninsula beaches. West coast beaches like Piha and Muriwai are great too but quite rough - so take a buddy!

What are you looking forward to the most this year? Having a laugh with you on Sticky, setting and achieving some goals! Going on adventures, meeting people and enjoying the company of others!

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