Walter Neilands

Walter Neilands

Name: Walter Ezekiel Neilands

Star Sign: Pisces

Signature selfie pose : Haha I don’t do many selfies but I guess it would be like this!

What’s your funniest face? I’m the on the bottom!

Do you have any pets? Yes! A couple of years ago my brother was walking along doing our family paper run and he found a cute ginger and white kitten with no family so he took it home and 2 years later we still have him! His name is Simba! I don’t have a photo but I do have fantastic art skills so here’s a pic haha!

What’s your fave youtube video? There’s a lot of cool stuff up there- but I love a good BMX clip!

Here’s another one for laughs…

If you were principal of a school for a day what would you do? Haha! We would go on a school trip to the beach and do sports and sand castle building. I reckon that would be heaps of fun

I’m really good at drawing…… Spiderman! When I was in intermediate I would spend a lot of weekends drawing him, and I’ve still got it haha!

You have won a comp to feature in the video clip of your fave singer! Who is it? ? Sweet! So keen to hang with Tom Jones! Haha he’s an older singer but my fave at the moment. He had a song in the 90’s, a cover of ‘Fight Fire With Fire’- I’m hooked!

What were you like at school? I was very social. Some classes I was the class clown others I was head down bum up! But very friendly and still am!

I have never….… been to the moon! True fact! Haha! Something unusual that I’ve never done…oh!...I haven’t watched Despicable Me- the movie! The amount of times I tell people that and the shocked face I get is hilarious.

What are you doing to celebrate your bday this year? Hanging out with my family and friends! BBQ maybe. Perhaps even a BMX road trip. All that matters is good company!

Right now I’m in love with…. Jezebel! She’s a sweet dog I meet in the south island over the summer!

My fave animal is… This digger! That thing is an animal I’m telling you! Always there when I need her, she’s been a great help digging the BMX dirt jumps in the backyard! In second place is a dog!

I know all the words to the song.. ’Fight Fire With Fire’ by Tom Jones- however I get the verses in the wrong order frequently and sing at the wrong time often. Hey…I still know all the words!

My fave ever dress up costume was… a Joker!

What section would we find you in the DVD store? Comedy! Or action! Or drama! Doh! I like them all!

What’s your signature dance move? Sometimes I get funky with a back flip! Recently I had to re learn them so I look forward to getting them smoother!

Here are some extra pics of me doing some of my fave things! Sailing, eating fruit, meeting new people and hanging with Grace my mum’s neighbour!

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