Vinyl Bowl

Vinyl Bowl


- Old vinyl records. Go for the colourful ones, I got mine from a secondhand store, really cheap!
- Pyrex bowl to mould your record in.
- An oven (You could try it on the BBQ if you're not allowed to do it inside).
- Oven mitts or thick gardening gloves.


1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees
2) Place your bowl in the oven and place the record on top make sure the bowl is facing right side up.
3) As the oven heats the record the edges of the record will start to warp.
4) When this happens take the record and bowl out (wearing your mitts!) of the oven and place on a hard surface like a chopping board.
5) Then press your record into the bowl – it's warm so the record should easily sink down into the bowl.
6) Once you’re happy with the shape take out of the bowl and leave it to set hard and you now have a “new old vinyl bowl!”

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