Puppet Theatre

Puppet Theatre

- A big cardboard box! Or you can use an old science board – you might have a big box, or something left over from Christmas that you can use!
- Red cardboard or paper
- A ruler
- A craft knife and scissors
- Some glue
- Some red and white electrical tape or masking tape – or you can use paint!
- Gold ribbon – (maybe you have some cool ribbon lying around from Christmas?)

1) Cut one side off your cardboard box so that it now has three sides.
2) On the middle panel, measure and mark the board to create the stage window.
3) With the help of someone older, carefully cut out the stage window using a craft knife. Any big shape will look great!
4) You could create stripes with red and white duct tape.
5) Draw simple curtains on your red card, and cut them out carefully. Use the first curtain as a template for your second curtain!
6) You could tie ribbon around the middle to create the curtain ties, we used gold, and glue the curtains to the board.
7) Now look out – carefully stand up your puppet theatre! If the box is a bit flimsy, or won’t hold its shape – use some tape on the inside, right in the corners to make it stronger!
8) Clip a black sheet to the middle cardboard panel as your background – then ALL done! Put on a show for your family and friends!

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