Vege Finger Rolls

Vege Finger Rolls


- Bean sprouts
- Capsicum
- Carrot
- Mint
- Coriander
- Iceberg lettuce
- Limes
- Spring onion
- Vermicelli noodles
- Rice paper
- Pinch of sugar
- Sweet chilli sauce
- Fish sauce
- An oldie to help!


1. Place noodles in a bowl and cover with boiling water for 5mins.
2. Next you need to chop up your veges.
- Shred lettuce finely.
- Peel and grate carrot.
- Chop red capsicum into sticks.
- Chop up coriander finely.
3. Take your noodles out of the water and let them cool. Then cut them up so they are shorter lengths.
4. Dampen a clean tea towel and lay it on the bench.
5. Dunk each rice paper round into a dish of warm water and place separately on damp tea towel.
6. Wait for a minute until rice paper is soft and dimpled.
7. Place a small handful with clean hands of the mixture in the centre of the paper.
8. Wet your hands to stop them sticking to the rice paper.
9. Roll wrapper tightly around the filling and tuck in the sides as you go.
10. Cover finished rolls with a damp paper towel until served.


- Juice and finely grate the zest of 4 limes in a bowl.
- Add 2 cups of sweet chilli sauce, 3 tsp of fish sauce and the finely chopped white part of a spring onion.

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