Top Model Blog: Finale

Top Model

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

This is it – this cycle's Top Model is finishing the way it started: Team US versus Team UK.  It's the stronger portfolio versus the stronger runway walk – who will take the title?

Cover Girl Commercial & Beauty Shot

The Good: The Brits of the competition (and in general really!) have always been more eloquent in their speech so it's no surprises Sophie nailed her lines.  She also gave lots of variety for her beauty shots which was good – loving the extra pink hair!

The Bad: Laura, on the other hand, didn't fare so well.  It was always going to be a struggle considering she is not exactly the "cookie cutter" Cover Girl – even though Jay says Cover Girls these days are edgier.

The Ugly: That panic attack was really scary!  Poor Laura...

Vogue Italia Photo Shoot

The Good: Even though the client and photographer were more impressed with Laura than Sophie, I actually thought Sophie was pretty amazing too!  She had a very alien-like look about her which I liked; kind of reminded me a bit of Tilda Swinton.

The Bad: I don't think there were any ugly shots – both were great in their own way.   

The Ugly: Every season the finished product of the cycle's last photo shoot only ever comes to be for the winner which I always find is such a shame.  As Sophie said, it's kind of sad that for the person that doesn't win as it will be like the photos never existed.

Forever 21 Runway Show

The Good: What an amazing concept for a final runway show!  The grand finale has always been high fashion couture so it was quite refreshing to have the final runway show being one where the models are sporting more "casual" dresses. 

The Bad: I didn't really care for those bowtie-shaped buns. Very Hello-Kitty-esque so fitting to the Asian audience but personally, it looked weird!  I also thought the fight sequence was a bit awkward.

The Ugly: I can't believe Alisha was still being cocky about her abilities as a model and that Sophie and Laura wouldn't be there if she hadn't quit.  Well you did quit so get over it and yourself!

Final Judging

How absolutely stunning did the two of them look in those gorgeous black gowns?!  Wow.

I thought they both nailed their Cover Girl commercials although Tyra was right about Sophie missing that "spark" which she has.  Their beauty shots were a bit disappointing, I thought.  Laura's photo wasn't flattering at all and Sophie's was great but not the best considering she should have had lots to choose from. 

So what did you all think?  Did Tyra make the right decision?  I think so – YAY for the underdog!

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