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Top 5 Glee Performances Season 4

Glee Sue Top 5 Songs

These are our picks for the best songs in season 4.

1.Some Nights
Performed towards the beginning of the season last November in Dynamic Duets.

2. Getting Married Today
Performed before Will and Emma's wedding in 'I Do'

3. Don't Stop Believing
Rachel auditions for Broadway in Sweet Dreams

4. Super Bass
Sue Sylvester cranking out the Nicki Minaj was a major highlight this season! Crazy but amazing!

5. Chasing Pavements
Marley sings this Adele classic in the season 4 premiere The New Rachel

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Glee Sue Top 5 Songs

Top 5 Glee Performances Season 4

Check out our picks for the best songs in season 4

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