Tool Box

Tool Box


Sandpaper Wood filler and glue
Satin Finish polyurethane
10.8cm wood screws (8 pieces)
0.6 plugs (6 pieces)
1.3cm x 42cm Dowel Rod (1 piece)
2.5cm x 32cm x 132cm Oak or other wood (1 piece)


1. Cut the caddy pieces: 
•Cut the oak per dimensions of caddy layout below
•Select the side and bottom pieces. Drill three 1.3cm holes (0.6cm deep) on each interior surface, centered at the top of each side to receive the Dowel Rod
•Sand all pieces


2. Assemble the Caddy Pieces – Select and dry-fit all pieces

•Attach one side to the front, Back and bottom panels with glue and three wood screws
•Attach the bottom panel; connect the bottom panel to the front and back panels with the wood screws
•Repeat the process for the other side after placing the dowel rod in place
•Insert all plugs with glue

3. Finish
•Fill all holes and cracks with filler; sand all surfaces
•Apply poly & leave to dry!

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