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The Scoop On Season 4 from the Glee Comic-Con Panel

Glee at Comic-Con

This weekend Glee fans descended on Comic-Con to get the scoop on Season 4. The panel included Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Kevin McHale, Jenna Ushkowitz, Naya Rivera, a bearded Darren Criss and executive producers Brad Falchuk, Ian Brennan and Dante Diloreto.

The discussion didn’t offer any huge revelations but fans were let in on a few details on what they can expect when the show returns. Falchuk confirmed that all series regulars will be back "in some capacity" for season 4, although not in every episode as the cast is now too big and too spread out geographically to accommodate everyone.

When Glee picks up, it’s September and school is starting for Rachel at NYADA . Fresh from her breakup with Fin, she is struggling with the challenges of being in New York by herself and competing against "1800 other Rachel Berrys". Kate Hudson will be appearing as a dance instructor at NYADA, a woman who unfortunately does not believe in the same positive reinforcement favoured by Mr Schu.

"It's a really fun character. It's the difference between the Will version of teaching and more negative reinforcement" said Falchuk.

Kurt will be back in Lima, but mentally and emotionally he is in an "interesting place," says Falchuk. Although the producer wouldn’t say whether or not Kurt will still follow Rachel to New York, but he added, "Those two are best friends so it’d be hard to keep them apart.

Santana is now a cheerleader at UC Louisville, but very little else of her storyline has been decided. Brittana fans will be thrilled to hear that as it stands, their relationship is still going strong.

"They’re really good and they definitely love each other so I hope they’ll make it" Rivera said.

Back at McKinley, the New Directions are back to being the underdogs of the school, desperately trying to find 12 members to compete in sectionals. It has been revealed that episode 2 will be the second Britany Spears tribute and will also feature a major set catastrophe. Falchuk said fans can expect more than a few laughs from this storyline.

"It'll be interesting to take the Britney theme in the choir room and move it to New York and [see] how it affects Rachel and her story."

Meanwhile, Fin is preparing for bootcamp and Falchuk revealed they will be shaving his head next week. Cory Monteith has been putting in the hard yards at the gym to prepare for his scenes as a recruit in basic training.

Check out the EW interview below for more comments from the cast on Season 4!

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