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The Male PMS Guide

Winston gets Sympathy PMS on New Girl

Winston discovers he has PMS on New Girl this week. Read the Male PMS Guide below to find out how to cope if you or your male friends are stricken by this phenomenon.

  1. Find out your cycle

Start a diary and note down each time of the month when you feel particularly emotional. You will start to notice a pattern forming – (Your Sympathy PMS Cycle Date) and you can prepare for this time accordingly.

  1. Turn on your intuition

Observe the emotions of those around you. Fellow men may “tune in” to your cycle and become emotional wrecks like yourself. Support each other during this time.

  1. Take time out

Take a day off work and chill. You could even find your artistic side and paint. Winston did a watercolour of mountains and ate Twizzlers.

  1. Find the Alpha

Your cycle may be tuned into the cycle of the dominant woman in your life. Support this woman and she will in turn support you during this time.

  1. Don't let yourself get worked up

If angry flatmates or shrieking children are nearby, leave the room.

  1. Other factors

You may have mis-diagnosed yourself. Is there anything else in your life that could be making you irrationally emotional? It could be a rational feeling after all!

  1. Watch New Girl

Laughing helps. So watch New Girl On Demand.

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