Teddy's Tricks

Teddy's Tricks

Check out some of the awesome tricks you can teach your dog at home!

·Have your dog sitting standing in front of you. ·Use a leash andkeep it short in length so you have control.
·Have a treat in hand.
·Using your treat hand – move your hand over your dog’s head – say “sit”….this will make him look at the treat….making him eventually sit down.
·When your dog does sit…reward straight away with treat, pat and say “good sit”

Lie down:
Now that you can get your dog into the “sit” position you can now try “lie down”

·From your dog being in the “sit” position….again using your treat hand…guide your hand directly to the ground.
·Your dog will follow the treat and eventually he will be in the lying down position.
·Remember as soon as your dog does what you have commanded – reward with treat and praise and say “good lie down”

Roll over:

Now that you have & your dog have mastered “sit” and “lie down” it’s time to move onto “roll over”

You will need your dog to do “sit” and “lie down” before attempting this.

·Do commands “sit” and then “lie down” now your dog is in the perfect position to learn “roll over”
·Using your treat hand – move your hand over your dogs head and to the other side of it’s body.
·This will make your dog follow the treat and it’s bodies momentum will allow it to “roll over”

Once your dog has done the command, again, reward with a treat & praise!

Try not to tire your dog out…only practice for 5 minutes a day…more than that will bore your dog and they won’t be interested anymore.

And there you have it! 3 awesome tricks that you can do with your dog at home! Have fun!

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