Name: Teddy! I’m half poodle and half sheep dog, I like to say I’m a sheep-poo.

Star Sign: Aries, my birthday is April 17th

Signature Selfie pose: Selfies are heaps of fun, I like to practice them with Leanna! Here’s my surprised face!!

Right now I’m in love with... this amazing summer weather!! I have been going for heaps of awesome walks at the beach! Also I love reading all of the mail you stickers send into us! Keep it coming, I would love to hear about your holidays! Remember your letters put you in the draw to win prizes too!

My fave ever dress up costume was... mm I got to wear this this pirate costume last year which was pretty cool! I also think I looked pretty funny dressed as a bunny hahaha

What’s your fave youtube video? I like any videos with chickens in them, they are my fave animal! I also like this video of me performing one of my fave tricks with the Sticky gang! Check it out!

What are you doing to celebrate your bday this year? I’ll be hanging out with you of course and I’ll be checking my facebook page for all of the birthday messages! Make sure you check out my page! But remember you have to be 13yrs or older!

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