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Teddy: Summer holidays!!

Teddy: Summer holidays!!

What up guys?!

How were your holidays?? Mine were AWESOME!! I spent loads of time at the beach and lazed about in the summer sun on the farm! Thanks everyone who sent Christmas and New Years messages, you guys are the BEST! I have a feeling that this is going to be the best year yet and I hope to meet as many of you as I can – stay tuned this year to meet my new best friend on the farm, I think you’ll love her!

Write back and let me know what you’re most looking forward to about 2013, see you Monday 3pm on Four! Laterz!

Love Ted xx

Hi guys, how’s it all going? Can ya believe it’s almost Christmas time? This year has flown by!

As you know we’ve had 2 little piglets join us on the farm and they’re so cute!! I’ve been sneaking away from the others to hang out with the small guys because they’re so awesome, here’s a snap of us hanging out…

Have you got a new pet at home, or maybe a really old one that you love to bits- tell me about them because I love hearing from you guys!!

Love Ted xx



Have you been watching the Sticky TV School Holiday Breakfast Shows? What do you think of Girlband? Hit the comments below and tell us who you are backing to make the cut!

If you are after some school holiday boredom busters there are SO MANY competitions you could get entering- click HERE to check them out!

In the meantime, let me know what you are doing these hols… me? I love hanging out with the hens and I can’t wait for Hey Arnold again tomorrow!

Hi friends, I hope you’ve all been enjoying the fun on the Sticky farm…I certainly have! What did you guys think of the sweet bee costume I wore for NZ Honey Bee Week? It is so cool having a bee hive on the Sticky farm now! 

As you know we haven’t had all good news on the farm lately. Sadly our sheepy friend Flossy died. We held a very special memorial for her to say goodbye and had a good time remembering all the fun we had with Flossy on the farm! She will definitely be missed!

If you have a special tribute you would like to leave Flossy then comment below!

Until next time…this is Teddy signing out!

Welcome back to my blog spot!! I hope you’ve been enjoying all the fun on the Sticky farm lately! 

Did you guys get to see Hamlet the boar visiting the farm this week? We loved having Hamlet visit us and we are all soo excited about possibly having piglets join us on the farm! More friends for me on the Sticky farm = awesome!!

Here’s a cute pic of Mon and Hamlet chilling out together!

Have you had anything exciting happen to you lately?! Let me know cause I love hearing from you!!

Ted xx

Hey everyone!!

Some of you might have seen Mon breaking the awesome news to us last week that we’ve got a ram on the farm who will be spending time with Flossy! Apparently marmite could have a little bro or sister in a few months!

How cool is that? I can’t wait!! I love my sheepy friends!!

If you guys could pick an animal to join us on the farm, what would you choose?? Would it be another sheep? Or a turtle? Or maybe something else…

If you’re an Earlybirder then draw us a picture of the animal you’d pick to join the farm and send it in to us! The prize for this comp is pretty awesome…we’ve got two sports packs filled with Avaro goodies to give away!

Until next time… this is Teddy signing out!


Hey guys and welcome to my very own blog spot!! So over the school holidays I got to go camping with Mon and Walt. We had some crazy-fun times on the school holiday breakfast show…. trying Walt’s pizza scrambled eggs was one. Helping Walt freak Mon out while she was sleeping was another. Having a Mexican Fiesta with the crew….and the list goes on! Oh and one more thing…it was my birthday and it was awwwesome! 

What did you get up to over the hols? Did you go camping? Did anyone else have a birthday in the hols?….I’d love to hear your school holiday stories so comment below!!