What's Up Warthogs!

Teddy Chadwick IV

Teddy Chadwick IV

Teddy is the son of senior State Senator Theodore Chadwick III and he has a British accent, even though he and his family, are not from England.

He's the managing editor of the school newspaper but only because of his daddy's money and connections.

Teddy is already planning a takeover, to make himself editor-in-chief of the newspaper. He can't stand Eric because the "What's Up Warthogs!" announcements compete with the paper.

He has a huge crush on Victoria, even though she can't stand him.

Teddy Chadwick IV is played by Connor Price. Connor Price’s big break came with his portrayal of “Jay Braddock” in the feature film Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe and Renee Zellweger. Most recently, he appeared in the CBS television pilot Back alongside Skeet Ulrich and completed filming of the Nickelodeon’s television pilot Summer Camp and the Discovery Kids anthology The Haunting Hour.

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