Whitney Blog: Silent Treatment

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By Holly Roberts

In this episode of Whitney, Alex checks out a blonde's chest but Whitney doesn't want to let it go.

What follows is Whitney's payback through the silent treatment.

Good old Alex deals with this in the best way Alex does:

"Hey Whitney what do you want for dinner?"
"I don't care Alex I'm such an easy-going girlfriend."
"Ok Whit, what about Chinese food?"
"Well can we all just agree that there is no such thing as good Chinese food. MSG? Seriously?"

It will be hard for Alex to get back in Whit's good books. Especially if Neil's actions are anything to go by. Dropping of a bottle of wine and telling them they all look beautiful is a pretty high standard to beat!

Whitney manages to keep the silent treatment up for a few days, but funnily enough, Alex starts loving this new quiet Whitney.

"Did you know baseball games have commentators!"

When Whitney cottons on she decides to torture him by speaking non-stop.

When that doesn't work she tries on 'full frontal assault' – which translates to crying and talking about her time of the month. It doesn't get much worse for a guy!

Fortunately that's enough for Alex to cave!

The couple touch on the subject that comes up so often in relationships – men being visual creatures and checking out women – even when they're taken.

I'd have to fully agree with Whitney about liking Ryan Gosling because he has personality (his looks don't hurt though). It seems all women are obsessed with him!

Finally, Alex's apology to Whitney was the heartfelt moment she'd been waiting for. She's got a keeper there, even if he is still a typical bloke.

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