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Survivor Blog Ep 14: Finale

Survivor Blog

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

This post contains spoilers!  Please do not read if you do not already know who won this season!

What an epic season it has been!  So epic it has taken me a week to write this – how do you wrap up talking about a season that has just been so exciting, dramatic and just so thoroughly entertaining?!

This season I have been rooting for two players to win – Malcolm and Cochran – Survivor jock versus Survivor nerd.  Could there be two any more players more dissimilar than the two of them?! 

I have always loved a good underdog though so it is such a sweet victory that Cochran not only won but he did by an absolute landslide – for those of you who have been religiously following every season knows this does not happen all that often.

Cochran really was the underdog in everyone’s eyes but ironically he really wasn’t much of one this second time round if you think about it.  He did win quite a few challenges – I still can’t get over how well he blazed through that eating challenge!  I was so happy when he won that final immunity because if he hadn’t then I’m pretty sure it was quite a real possibility he may have been voted out.

Loved the final tribal council, of course with the good ol’ confrontations from the jury!  Dawn really got pulled over the hot coals which I must say I was quite surprised by; I really did think Cochran would have a bit of a fight against her.  I loved how everyone pretty much ignored Sherri.  I’m still peeved she made it to the end – she was definitely carried there as much as she thinks otherwise.  I blame Phillip!

And what about poor Erik?! I honestly thought it would be Dawn that would get evacuated, considering the number of nervous breakdowns she had throughout the course of the game.  I wonder if he will be invited to return.  Maybe third time’s the charm?

I am SO PLEASED that Malcolm won Player of the Season!  Him winning the title and Cochran winning the game equals a very happy me!  I never liked it when winners of the season win Player of the Season as well, which is what happens usually.  The winner doesn’t need more money!  Malcolm definitely deserved it just for getting rid of Phillip!

Finally – Survivor: Blood vs Water!  What does everyone think?  I reckon it’s a family member versus family member thing.  I sense a Russell versus Brandon showdown...                   

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Survivor Blog

Survivor Blog Ep 14: Finale

This post contains spoilers! Please do not read if you do not already know who won this season!

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