Robot Combat League

A gripping new reality series which reinvents gladiatorial combat for the 21st century; "Robot Combat League" features tournament-style battles each week between eight-feet tall, state-of-the-art humanoid robots controlled by human “robo-jockeys”.

Hosting the series is Chris Jericho, the wildly popular WWE wrestler and multifaceted performer. Twelve teams feature, consisting of a fighter (a “robo-jockey”) and a robotics engineer (a “robo-tech”) from a myriad of backgrounds that include a race car driver, an Olympic athlete, a National Guard helicopter pilot, along with a mix of professional fighters and software engineers.

Each team is paired with its own unique robot and will fight in a first-of-its kind competition using a high-tech exo-suit that translates their movements to their robot.

Robot Battle

Think you have what it takes in the combat arena?

Select a robot and battle it out!

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