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Hannah Simone (Cece)

Cece played by Hannah Simone

Hannah Simone plays Cece, Jess' child best friend and model, on New Girl.

Simone was born in London and spent her early childhood in Alberta, Canada. She began acting at age nine while living in Saudi Arabia and was a fashion model in Cyprus at age 13.

She studied International Relations and Political Science at the University of British Columbia. For two years, she was a researcher for a book by Lloyd Axworthy, previously a Foreign Affairs minister. After this, she moved to the UK to work with the United Nations in London supporting the Model UN program and serving as a human rights and refugee officer. In 2005 she completed her Radio and Television Arts degree at Ryerson University.

She returned to her entertainment career following her Television studies as the host of a cable home-design show. Then she joined Canada's largest music channel, MuchMusic as presenter. In 2009 she hosted WCG: Ultimate Gamer, a reality show set in the gaming world.

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