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About New Girl

New Girl Season 2 plays Mondays 8pm - within the same week as the states!

This season, after JESS (Zooey Deschanel) gets laid off from her teaching job, she reevaluates her life and career and immediately makes some dubious choices along the way – working alongside a jaded cocktail waitress (guest star Parker Posey), jumping into a sex-only relationship with a handsome lothario (recurring guest star David Walton) and attempting to bond with her younger neighbors by using '80s humor.

Also this season, NICK (Jake Johnson) is dumbfounded when he gets a visit from his future self, WINSTON (Lamorne Morris) must answer to his disapproving mother and basketball star sister, SCHMIDT (Max Greenfield) panics at the thought of getting old and then becomes jealous when CECE (Hannah Simone) starts dating the anti-Schmidt.

Facts about the Five

All About Jess on New Girl


- wants two cats that she would call Blinkun and Winkun who she would train to nod on command like the nursery rhyme.
- used to write Nancy Drew fan fiction
- considers her limitless smiles and positive attitude as her best assets
- likes to go on the internet outside so she can call it the 'Outernet'
- plays in a musical handbell group

All About Schmidt on New Girl


- is the only person who hasn't seen Nick when he is naked.
- a germaphobe.
- claims to be a thief from stealing hearts
- a self-taught sleight-of-hand magician "When used correctly chicas cannot resist close-up magic. It's simply the world's best icebreaker. It shows you're mysterious and good with your hands."

All About Nick on New Girl


- loves Fantasy Football
- finds it funny to say he's studying law for the Bar AND works at one
- has been good friends with Schmidt and Winston for a while
- is the most grounded of the five

All About Winston on New Girl


- is "not a pet guy"
- only spends 10 mins a day on the computer
- used to gamble a bit
- is hoping to be called up to play basketball for Europe

All About Cece on New Girl


- her advice for young budding models is to practice being hungry
- she has many interests including photography, songwriting and jewellery design
- is thankful for photo retouching so she doesn't have to obsess over her body
- will avoid wearing parachute pants at all costs
- likes the "hybrid" of briefs and boxers – broxers
- her favourite colour is egg shell "Not off-white. Not taupe. Egg shell."