Who is The Mother?


We're compiling what we know about Ted's future wife and future mother of his children.

Add a comment below if you have picked up on any other theories or facts about her!

What We Know

1. He meets her in New York
Ref: At the end of the Lucky Penny episode, Future Ted says "Kids, funny thing about destiny. I thought I was destined to get that job, but I was wrong. My destiny was to stay in New York. Because if I hadn't, I never would've met your mother."

2. Ted gets married before 2020
Ref: At the end of How I Met Everyone Else, Ted asks Marshall and Lily where his wife is, at his college reunion. As the reunion was held in 2020, it is revealed that, by 2020, Ted would have already gotten married.

The mother of How I Met Your Mother and her yellow umbrella

3. She has a yellow umbrella
Ref: In No Tomorrow, Future Ted states that his future wife was at the same St. Patrick's Day party he went to, but that they didn't meet each other, again implying that at the time of this episode, Ted had not met the mother. When going back to the party to find his phone, he picked up the yellow umbrella that belonged to her.

4. She encourages Ted to stop smoking
Ref: In Last Cigarette Ever, Future Ted reveals that he eventually stops smoking two weeks into dating the mother.

5. She is friends and roommates with Cindy (played by Rachel Bilson)
Ref: Ted dates Cindy in Girls Versus Suits (S5) but they break up because she is a student and he's a lecturerer. When Ted tries to convince Cindy that their paths were meant to cross, he points out items in her room that show how much they have in common. Cindy points out they are her roommates'.

6. She plays bass guitar in a band
Ref: In Band or DJ (S8) Ted meets Cindy and her partner Casey on a train, a week before Barney and Robin's wedding. The band he hired has cancelled at the last minute and Cindy's old roommate's band is available this weekend.

7. Her and Ted have a baby by 2015
Ref: In Trilogy Time, it is shown that by 2015, Ted is watching the Star Wars trilogy with Barney, Marshall, and his baby daughter - implying Ted has met the mother and has had a child by that time. Ted is also seen to be wearing a wedding ring in the scene as well which means he has already married the mother by 2015.

8. They have been in close proximity at the Farhampton Train Station
Ref: In Farhampton, it is shown that while Ted is waiting for the train back to the city at the Farhampton train station, after Barney and Robin's wedding, the mother also comes there, holding up her yellow umbrella in the rain. They didn't actually meet each other while there though.

9. Her favourite flower is lilac
Ref: Season 6 DVD set special feature 'What We Know About Your Mother'. That is also the flower on his suit that he wears to Barney and Robin's wedding.

10. He meets her at Barney and Robin's wedding where she is playing bass in the wedding band.
Ref: Season 6 DVD set special feature 'What We Know About Your Mother'.

11. She's an Economics student at Columbia University
Ref: In The Leap, Ted is shown teaching his first class at Columbia University. Future Ted narrates how this was the best job he's ever had, and that if it weren't for that job, he never would have met their mother. However, in Definitions, it's revealed that Ted was in the wrong room for his first class, and all the students there were Economics students, implying that the mother is (at the time of that episode) an Economics student.

The mystery continues to unravel with each new episode! Have you got any theories or comments to add?



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