Grimm Glossary

Learn what these Grimm words mean. Many of them stem from the German language:

BAUERSCHWEIN-- (Translation: Pig Farm) Pig Creature.

BLUTBAD-- (Translation: Blood Bath) Wolf Creature.

DAMONFEUER-- (Translation: Demon Fire) Dragon Creature.

DICKFELLIG-- (Translation: Unsnubbable) Rhino Creature.

EISBIBER-- (Translation: Ice Beaver) Beaver Creature.

FUCHSBAU-- (Translation: Fox Hole or Burrow) Fox Creature.

GEIER-- (Translation: Vulture) Vulture Creature.

HASSLICH-- (Translation: Ugly) Troll Creature.

HEXENBIEST-- (Translation: Witch Beast) Witch Creature.

HUNDJÄGER-- (Translation: Dog Hunter) Hound Dog Creature.

JAGERBAR-- (Translation: Hunter Bear) Bear Creature.

LAUSENSCHLANGE-- (Translation: Lice Snake) Snake Creature.

LӦWEN-- (Translation: Lions) Lion Creature.

MAUZHERTZ-- (Translation: Mouse Heart) Mouse Creature.

MELLIFER-- Bee Creature.

MURCIÉLAGO-- (Translation: Bat) Bat Creature.

REINIGEN-- (Translation: Pure Rat) Rat Creature.

SCHAKAL-- (Translation: Jackal) Jackal Creature.

SCHNEETMACHER-- (Translation: Cold Hearted Evil Creature) A Creature to avoid.

SIEGBARSTE-- (Translation: The Most Visible Victory) Ogre Creature.

SKALENGECK-- (Translation: Scaled Dude) Lizard Creature

SKALENZAHNE-- (Translation: Scale Teeth) Crocodile Creature.

SPINNETOD-- (Translation: Spider Death) Spider Creature.

STEINADLER-- (Translation: Stone Eagle) Hawk Creature.

WESEN-- (Translation: Nature) Any Creature.

WILDERMANN-- (Translation: Wild Man) Bigfoot Creature.

ZIEGEVOLK-- (Translation: Goat Folks) Goat Creature.