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Grimm Blog Ep 22: Woman in Black


by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

What would you do if you found out your significant other has been leading a double life?  That secretly they have been working undercover pro bono as a supernatural creature hunter? 

The season finale sees Nick finally reveal his Grimm identity to Juliette.  Sadly – and not all together surprising – Juliette does not take this confession well.  To Nick's dismay, Juliette not only doesn't buy it, she also thinks he has completely lost the plot.

After some persuasion, Monroe agrees to transform to his Blutbad self to help convince Juliette but just as he does so, she passes out as a result of a scratch received from a cat.  Not just any cat – Adalind's cat which had been fed a mysterious potion.  It seems the now former Hexenbiest has a score to settle with Nick.

Meanwhile the poisonous coins from earlier this season (Episode 13; Three Coins in a Fuschbau) resurface in Nick and Hank's latest homicide case.  Coincidentally the case also links to Akira Kimura, the man Nick learned recently to have been involved with his parents' death. 

A hooded woman in black is seen throughout the episode and it looked as though she were Akira's accomplice.  The episode culminates in a violent showdown between Nick and Akira before the woman in black "crashes the party".  She puts an end to Akira and then makes a shocking revelation to Nick – did anyone see this coming?!

So many questions: how did Kelly Burkhardt survive?  Will Rosalee and Monroe figure out what potion has Juliette in a coma before it's too late?  And if she wakes up, will she remember anything – more importantly, will she believe Nick?  Let's also not forget Hank; will Nick let him in on the truth?

Talk about the perfect cliffhanger to end the season with.  Already can't wait for season two!

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Grimm Blog Ep 22: Woman in Black

What would you do if you found out your significant other has been leading a double life?

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