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Glee Blog: Ep 22 All or Nothing

Glee All Or Nothing

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

It’s the season finale, my fellow Gleeks.  I know, HASHTAG SAD FACE.       


1. Brittany is the next Albert Einstein!  I can’t say I was expecting it but I guess it’s not completely impossible.  It’s been said that the most “crazy” and eccentric of people are actually geniuses.

2. How gorgeous were those purple dresses?!  I’ve always loved the frocks that the girls wear at Regionals. The red ones that the other club were wearing were pretty fabulous too.  

3. Rachel’s final Funny Girl callback – that run at the end was ridiculous.  I want to say she will get the part but that almost seems too easy and too predictable.  Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.      

4. Marriage equality is a pretty topical issue at the moment, particularly here in NZ so it’s quite nice to see the Jan and Liz couple introduced.  Something tells me this isn’t the last we’ve seen of them.

5. Emma & Will – “Wemma” (don’t know if I like this yet – it is kind of teetering at “too lame” for me!) finally got hitched!   I loved the simplicity of the wedding.


1. So Blaine is still set on proposing to Blaine...yikes.  Maybe it’s the cynic in me speaking but I don’t see how that’s going to end well – even if Kurt does say yes.  As I’ve said before, I do love “Klaine” but it seems quite apparent that Kurt is quite happy being a bit of a free agent in New York. I also wonder if we will ever see Adam again... 

2. I sort of had an inkling that Katie was Wade aka Unique.  This is a VERY interesting story arc that I would actually love to see develop further but it does sound like Blake’s finished up his time on Glee.  It was only supposed to be six episodes after all but Ryan Murphy’s never stuck to that – heck, he brought back Wade when it was only supposed to be a two episode appearance!

That’s it, Gleeks!  It’s been a very different but very interesting season.  What do you all think?

Many fans have gone off this season because it has gone down quite a different path from where it has been but that’s just the series moving on.  I personally think it’s still a fantastic series and I am excited to see where Ryan Murphy takes the story, and its characters.

Can’t wait for season five! (And for those who don’t already know, Glee has been renewed for two more seasons – HASHTAG SMILEY FACE.)                    

This Week’s Glee Playlist

1. To Love You More – Celine Dion

2. Rainbow Connection – Kermit the Frog

3. Clarity – Zedd feat. Foxes

4. Wings – Little Mix

5. Hall Of Fame – The Script feat.

6. I Love It – Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX

7. All Or Nothing – original composition                                                                               

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Glee All Or Nothing

Glee Blog: Ep 22 All or Nothing

It’s the season finale, my fellow Gleeks. I know, HASHTAG SAD FACE.

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