Season 19, Episode 12

Season 19, Episode 12

During the twelfth episode of the 19th cycle, Laura, Kiara and Leila fought for the title of “America’s Next Top Model.” For their final challenges, the models shot their official Nine West ad campaign as well as their fashion spreads for Nylon Magazine.

Kelly Cutrone, Johnny Wujek and photographer Jez Smith met the remaining models for their Nine West photo shoot. During the photo shoot, Laura worried she didn’t get a great photo because Kelly and Jez were arguing during her shoot. Leila struggled to connect with the product while Kiara seem to have no energy in her eyes.

After the Nine West photo shoot, the three girls headed to Half Moon Bay to shoot their Nylon Magazine fashion spread with Johnny Wujek and photographer Jimmy Fontaine. During the photo shoot, Laura struggled to step out of her commercial model look, while Leila was praised during the shoot for having a high fashion look that would fit well in Nylon Magazine.

Finally, it came time for the remaining three models to hit the runway at the mysteriously haunted Rose Hall Great House in Montego Bay. Previously eliminated contestants joined the finalists on the runway. On the runway, Kiara delivered her walk with the fierceness of a Top Model. Laura had a great walk but struggled to relax her hands, while Leila was awkward and fell twice during her first runway walk, but managed to get right back up and finish the show.

The final three headed to panel one last time where they met Kelly Cutrone, Rob Evan, Tyra Banks and social medial correspondent Bryanboy. The winner of the competition would be determined by adding up the judges’ scores, the girls’ average fan votes and their average challenge scores.

During the judge’s deliberation, they felt Laura took good photos though they weren’t that of a high fashion model but rather a commercial model. Kiara had the best walk during the final runway. They felt Leila had the worst runway walk but had a high fashion model look that Nylon Magazine loved. Ultimately, the models’ average scores were added up and Laura was crowned “America’s Next Top Model,” making her the winner of the entire competition.

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