Comp Winners


April Special Comp- 'Design a new Sticky TV logo': Prize: 2 x 2 pen pack of IDO3D Pens. Winners: Daniel Shen, Sarah Watson, Megan Green, Zac Maulder, Ollie Jackson, Ellie Thomson, Theodore Apineru, Nina Downey, Ravdeep Singh and Niamh Donaldson

April Special Comp- 'Design a new Sticky TV logo': Runner Up Prize: 1 IDO3D pen pack. Winners: Tasha, Daliyah MacLachlan, Sasha McKenzie, Lily Bremner, Gemma Coster, Holly Landon, Sharan Annie Jacob, Anna Schnett, Joshua McGee, Olivia, Kyote Wratt and Ella Smart

May Special "I Wish I Was" Comp Prize: Mattel Prize Pack. Winners: Michelle Zhou and Harvey Ellis

May VIP Winners: Prize: Little Live Pet Bird. Winner: Trinity Halsey . Prize: GoGo Bubbles. Winner: Lucas Hessels

Daily Draw Monday 2nd May: Prize: Zootopia Pack - Movie Pass, Drawstring bag, notebook, post card set, cup, tee-shirt, stationery set.Winner: Leighton Carter

Daily Draw Tuesday 3rd May: Prize: Nicky Deuce DVD.Winner: Angus Smith

Daily Draw Wednesday 4th May: Prize: The Great Kiwi Activity Book, Upstart Mag, Sticky TV Colouring Book.Winner: Madison England

Daily Draw Thursday 5th May: Prize: Bunchems Creation Pack.Winner: Timu

Daily Draw Friday 6th May: Prize: Air Power Rocket Science made simple Book.Winner: Blake Woodley

Weekly Web Comp Prize: Angry Bird Movie Pack. Winners: Tuterangi Kake, Elizabeth June french, Sophie Brittenden, Nathan Hamilton and James Knowles

Daily Draw Monday 9th May: Prize: The Good Dinosaur DVD.Winner: Angus McLennan

Daily Draw Tuesday 10th May: Prize: Flying Furballs : Dogfight Book.Winner: Rocca Vance Beazer

Daily Draw Wednesday 11th May: Prize: Little Live Pets - Mouse & Cage. Winner: Gemma Percy

Daily Draw Thursday 12th May: Prize: Zootopia Pack - Movie Pass, Drawstring bag, notebook, post card set, cup, tee-shirt, stationery set.Winner: Vinny Hayes

Daily Draw Friday 13th May: Prize: Lonely Planet – Let’s Explore Oceans.Winner: Leyla Hardie

Weekly Web Comp Prize: Snoopy & Charlie Brown:The Peanut Movie and Monster High: Great Scarrier Reef. Winners: Eloise Merry, Heleah Sokiata, Ava Baeyertz, Amber Storer and Gauri Sharma

Daily Draw Monday 16th May: Prize: Hoyts Double Movie Pass.Winner: Josh Eades

Daily Draw Tuesday 17th May: Prize: Snoopy & CB - The Peanuts Movie.Winner: Josh

Daily Draw Wednesday 18th May: Prize: Hoyts Double Movie Pass.Winner: Ben McKeowna

Daily Draw Thursday 19th May: Prize: Robo Fish Tank & Fish.Winner: James Houston

Daily Draw Friday 20th May: Prize: LPK - Adventures in Famous Places.Winner: Isaac

Weekly Web Comp Prize: 'Money can't buy' Training session with NZ Silver Fern Maria Tutaia. Winner: Rachel D'Souza

Weekly Web Comp Runner Up Prize: Maria Tutaia's 'The Beginner’s Guide to Netball' Book. Winners: Jade Garrett-Nunn, Te Atawhai, Thea Jones-Hill, Marli twin and Amelia Thomson

Daily Draw Monday 23rd May: Prize: Encyclopedia of Space Book.Winner: Nathan Rogers

Daily Draw Tuesday 24th May: Prize: Stars & Planets book.Winner: Jason Murray

Daily Draw Wednesday 25th May: Prize: Fly Guy presents Space & Space Exploration books.Winner: Zakk Fenwick

Daily Draw Thursday 26th May: Prize: True or False Planets Book & The Book of Space .Winner: Rohan

Daily Draw Friday 27th May: Prize: Stars & Planets book.Winner: Paige Halcrow

Weekly Web Comp Prize: Alice in Wonderland Movie Pack. Winners: Chloe Krissansen, Jaydn Ashe, Abby Cuthbertson, Lily Kamo and Scarlett Watson

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