We want to send you to space!

Every Saturday we send something into the atmosphere with the help of our awesome bottle rocket! So far we have sent Walt's lucky, smelly undies and Leanna's caravan!

If you want to be sent to space, just send us a photo of yourself and write us a letter telling us all the cool things we should know about you – and you could be taking a journey to outer space!

We also have been using the latest & greatest Sticky TV technology, the helicam, to look down on the farm from space!

If you send us a letter we could spell out your name somewhere on the farm for the helicam to see!

Sticky TV AddressSticky TV Address

Each letter or photo that gets sent to space on the Saturday show will also instantly win an awesome Air Hogs Atmosphere or a Chill Factor Slushy Maker Cool Colour Burst!

Send your letter and photo to this address!

Sticky TV Address

Or upload a photo of yourself below!

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