Butterfly Creek

Mitchell and Jordan are road testing jobs these holidays so that you don’t have to. Last time on Road Test the boys worked at animal haven Butterfly Creek!

If you are interested in becoming a zookeeper, volunteer and spend as much time looking after animals as possible. Zoo keeping is about looking after a wide variety of animals, so learn about as many animals as you can. Keep studying science at school and after that you can do a captive wild animal course. Through that you’ll work at a registered zoo and do the hands on work.

Circus Performers

Jordan and Mitchell gave circus performing a go on Road Test!

If you think Circus training is for you, The Dust Palace say they look for people with physical ability as well as acting and performance skills - so school subjects like PE and Drama could help you out. Dust Palace also recommends doing stuff - giving things a try. Get in front of an audience as often as you can, and get physical - practice your handstands!

Rainbow's End Workers

Jordan and Mitchell worked at Rainbow's End theme park in Auckland!

If you’re interested in working at Rainbow’s End training can start when you are 18. Rainbows End also look at employing electrician or engineering apprentices. They look for people who are mature, friendly and have good customer service skills.


Charlotte and Adelaide gave teaching a go on Roadtest!

If you’re interested as a career as a primary school teacher, you’ll need to gain at least NCEA Level 2 English & Maths or similar qualifications while you’re still at school.

Then once you’ve finished school you’ll need a tertiary qualification in teaching such as a three-year Diploma of Teaching, a three-year Bachelor of Education (Teaching) degree, or a Bachelor’s degree and a one-year graduate Diploma of Teaching.

It’s helpful to know Maori, and any involvement with young children in the community is a big help – this can come from coaching sports teams or volunteering with community groups where you can work with children.

For more information you can check out the Teach NZ website HERE!

For a list of study options to become a Primary School Teacher, click HERE!

Animal Keeping

Melissa and Ruby tried animal keeping at Willowbank Wildlife Park!! If you're interested in becoming an animal or zoo keeper then check out the details below!

- If you have a passion for animals and conservation, being a zookeeper or animal keeper could be a great career for you!You also need to be physically fit, have good communication skills, enjoy working outside in all kinds of weather, be practical and observant and be able to relate to people as well as animals.

- To become an animal or zookeeper in New Zealand, there are no special requirements, but zoos and wildlife reserves prefer people who have a Certificate in Animal Management or similar qualification.

- Auckland Zoo, Hamilton Zoo and Wellington Zoo all recommend the National Certificate in Captive Wild Animals from Unitec in Auckland – for more info on the course check out their website HERE!

- Because there are not many zoos and wildlife parks in New Zealand, the chances of getting a job can be limited but volunteer experience with animals, especially wild animals, can really help.The more experience and education you have with animals, the better!If you have a zoo or wildlife park nearby you, find out if they run any volunteer programmes that you could be a part of.

- While you’re still in school, if you’re thinking of becoming a zookeeper or animal keeper, you should keep your subject choice broad but aim for high marks! It will help to include a science subject like Biology.


Mitchell and Jordan gave plumbing a go. If you're keen to become a trained plumber then check out the info below!

To get your national certificate in plumbing it takes four years. The industry training organization recommends NCEA level 1 as the minimum achievement for a career in plumbing. Preferred subjects are English, mathematics, general science, metal and woodwork, graphics and engineering workshop.

Check out this website for more info >> WWW. MASTERLINK.CO.NZ


The boys also got to give veterinary science a go! If you're interested in becoming a vet then check out the details below!

To become a vet you need to complete a bachelor of Veterinary Science at MasseyUniversity which takes 5 years! If you're at high school then the best subjects to take are chemistry/physics and biology to NCEA - level 3. It’s advisable to take English and 1 maths subject too!


If you have any job suggestions for the boys, comment below!


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