Treasure Jar

Treasure Jar

- A jar
- Rice
- Lots of small treasures (small toys, coins, googly eyes, gems, shells, paper clips)
- Paper
- Marker
- Scissors
- Sticky tape
- Rice

1) Gather your treasures from around the house – use whatever you like!
2) Trace the lid onto a piece of paper and carefully cut it out with help from someone older
3) Write a list of your treasures on the piece of paper then use sticky tape to stick it to the lid
4) Pour some rice into the jar then drop in a few of the treasures. Continue to do this until your jar is full and the treasures you listed are all inside.
5) Screw on the lid then use tape to keep it secure
6) Give the jar a shake then look for the treasures on your list and see how many you can find!