Picture Frame

Picture Frame

- Cardboard
- PVA glue
- Paint - any colour you like
- Glitter
- Whatever you have in your art kit for decorating!
- Photo

1) On a piece of cardboard draw the shape you want your frame to be. It could be a rectangle, a heart or a star it’s up to you!
2) Once you have drawn the outline of your frame cut it out – get someone older to help you, cutting cardboard can be tricky.
3) Get an adult, or someone older to cut out a rectangle in the middle of the frame. This rectangle needs to be smaller than your photo.
4) Decorate your frame with whatever you like! If you mix your paint with some PVA glue it will make the cardboard stronger.
5) Cut a piece of paper to be just a bit bigger than your photo.
6) Stick the paper to the back of the frame but leave one side open so you can put your photo in.
7) Slide in your favorite photo of yourself, your pet or a cool picture you found in a magazine!