Hooked on Fishing!

Do you love fishing?

Hooked on Fishing is where you can learn everything there is to know about fishing! River fishing, bait fishing and fly fishing.

hooked on fishing

What you need to get Hooked on Fishing:

To get a fishing license go to www.fishandgame.org.nz to order online or for a list of shops you can get them from. (They are free for anyone under 12 years old!)

Fishing rod, fishing wire, bubble, hook, bait- you can get worms from the garden or use prawns- fish love them!

If you don’t have fishing gear why don’t you try your uncle’s garage or ask your neighbour if you could borrow the gear you need- someone is bound to have some stuff to help you out. Or keep an eye on the Sticky TV website- every four weeks there will be a comp to win a fishing pack from Hunting and Fishing!!

Don’t forget you will need sunblock, a jersey and a sun hat- be ready for any weather

Don’t forget someone older, parents or an older bro or sis! You need to be careful around the water and it’s important you have someone older with you to help you with the hooks.

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