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Last month, we asked you to send us your questions for Elmo...and here are his answers to some of the best!

Does your tummy get sore from laughing too much?
Sometimes Elmo laughs so much that Elmo’s tummy does get a little sore. But Elmo once heard that laughter is the best medicine, so Elmo just laughs harder to make it feel better.

Elmo, you've met a lot of cool celebrities, who was your favourite?
Elmo doesn’t like to name drop, but if Elmo must then Elmo must. Elmo really liked meeting Mr. Hugh Jackman. Elmo hopes to schedule a playdate with Mr. Hugh the next time Elmo goes down under.

Who is your Best Friend on Sesame Street?
That’s an easy one. Elmo’s pet goldfish Dorothy, of course!

Do you like cuddles?
Elmo loves cuddles. Elmo wishes that he could give you a cuddle right now!

Do you like to play toys?
Ohh, Elmo loves to play toys. But Elmo also thinks it is really fun to use Elmo’s imagination and play pretend.

Have you ever been teased for having red hair?
Everyone on Sesame Street is a little different from one another. That’s what makes living on Sesame Street so much fun. Elmo has red fur, Abby is Pink, Big Bird has feathers and Oscar is a grouch. We are all proud of who we are.

Do you like cookies as much as cookie monster?
Elmo does not think that it is possible to like cookies more than Cookie Monster.

What is your most favourite thing to do?
Elmo’s favorite thing to do is ride his trycicle all around Sesame Street with Elmo’s friends.

If you could be any other colour, what would it be?
Elmo wouldn’t change colours. Elmo really likes having red fur.

What is your favourite food?
Elmo loves wasabi. That is why Elmo doesn’t have any eyelids.

What do you like to do when you are not on Sesame Street?
Elmo loves it when Elmo’s mommy and Daddy take him on trips for holiday. Did you know that Elmo has been to New Zealand more than once?

Why are you so red????
Because, Elmo heard that it’s not easy being green.