Fast FOUR offers you brand new shows the same week they air in the states!

'Fast FOUR' means FOUR is bringing you episodes of your favourite shows – in the same week as the states!

Look out for the 'Fast FOUR' logo when you are watching TV, and you will know that the episode you are watching is coming to you less than 7 days after it aired in the US.

The Fast FOUR Lineup:
Survivor:San Juan Del Sur -Sundays 6pm

New Girl - Mondays 7.30pm

The Goldbergs - Mondays 8pm

American Dad - Thursdays 8pm (Starting 9th October)

Bobs Burgers - Thursdays 8.30pm (starting 9th October)

We play new episodes of your favourite shows in the same week as the states. This means that when shows in the US go on a hiatus for a holiday or to play a sports game – we have too as well. When this happens the US plays an 'encore screening' of an old episode – and so do we. This episode will also not play On Demand.

FOUR will be playing encore episodes when the US do. We will announce when the Fast FOUR episodes resume.

Encore episodes may be different to those aired in the states. There shouldn't ever be more than 4 encore episodes of a show in a row.

Have questions? Read our Fast FOUR FAQ's page.

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