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17:00 iCarly
The adventures of a teen who produces popular Webcasts for kids and becomes an online celebrity.
17:30 Big Time Rush repeat
Big Time Rush is a brand new series about friendship and brotherhood that chronicles the finding, making and breaking of a potential chart-topping music group.
18:00 Family Movie: The Little Rascals repeat
The adorable rascals are back in this feature-length adaptation of the classic TV series. When Alfalfa is discovered to be courting Darla, Spanky and the other members of the He-Man Woman Haters Club attempt to sabotage the relationship. Starring Travis Tedford, Bug Hall, and Brittany Holmes. (1994)
19:45 Saturday Movie: Marley & Me TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeat
Newlyweds John and Jenny Grogan ponder the life-changing decision to start a family. Unsure of his preparedness for raising children, John confesses his fears to his friend and fellow journalist Sebastian, who comes up with the perfect solution: John should get Jenny a puppy. Starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston. (2008)
22:15 The Simpsons TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801
Join the craziest nuclear family this side of Springfield as Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie share in some exciting adventures.
22:45 Friends With Benefits on demand
New Episode. Ben tries to launch a food-truck business and asks Aaron to invest. S1 Ep11
17:00 Trade Zone Gone Fishin' hd on demand
Gone Fishin' is a slice of outdoor New Zealand designed around a central fishing theme.
17:30 Modern FamilyTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1
Luke wants to quit magic and Phil just can't seem to accept it. Meanwhile, one of Gloria's new pregnancy symptoms is snoring and she's keeping the whole house awake. S4 Ep4
18:00 3 News on demand
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
19:00 Gordon Ramsay's Ultimate Home CookingTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 on demand
New Episode. Gordon reveals his favourite recipes for an Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner, including a fennel sausage frittata and griddled sardines with gremolata. S1 Ep9
19:30 All New Ice Road TruckersTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd on demand
New Episode. On the Dalton, Austin s tries to prove himself in a heavy haul convoy, leading to a rookie mistake that threatens the entire mission. S6 Ep9
20:30 All New CSI: NYTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1 on demand
New Episode. A pizza-maker is the victim of a carjacking, and the CSIs try to determine what the perpetrators were really after. S9 Ep14
New Episode. Mac and the team investigate three twisted tales of love on Valentine's Day. Josh Groban appears and sings ‘Happy in My Heartache’. S9 Ep16
22:25 HannibalTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd on demand
New Episode. In the Season 1 finale, suspicions rise about Will being a killer when he returns from Minnesota without Abigail and evidence ties him to murder. Final. S1 Ep13