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18:00 Everybody Hates Chris TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeat
Chris fears that he won't receive a Valentine's Day card from anyone, but then he meets a cute girl on the bus. S1 Ep14
18:30 Just Shoot Me! TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeat on demand
Finch's honesty magnifies his differences with Adrienne. S4 Ep6
19:00 The Simpsons TELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801
When Otto ditches his fiancée at the altar, Bart invites her to stay with the family... forcing Marge to compete with the much younger woman. S11 Ep21
19:30 How I Met Your Mother on demand
New Episode. In the series finale, Ted tells his children the conclusion to the tale of how he and their mother finally became a couple. Also, details of what the future held for the gang are revealed. Final. S9 Ep23&24
20:30 New Girl
Jess and Nick make a decision about their relationship. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Winston plan to sabotage Cece's wedding. S2 Ep25
21:00 Crazy Ones on demand
New Episode. A cosmopolitan client excites the staff and they get competitive about impressing her, but then things take a sexual turn and the co-workers realise they know too much info about one another. S1 Ep5
21:25 All New Community on demand
New Episode. Annie and Abed spend some quality time together in the Dreamatorium for a simulation of Inspector Spacetime’. S3 Ep16
16:30 Entertainment Tonight
ET covers entertainment news stories on celebrities, film, television, music, fashion, award shows and special events in a trend-setting, groundbreaking format.
17:00 The SimpsonsTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 hd5.1
Ned Flanders falls for Bart’s teacher, Edna Krabappel - but will Krabappel’s reputation for dating every guy in town spell the end of the relationship? S22 Ep22
17:25 Million Dollar Minute on demand
New Episode. Brydon Coverdale returns for his second shot at AS$75,000. S2 Ep21
18:00 3 News on demand
3 News presents comprehensive coverage of global and local news.
19:00 Campbell Live on demand
Termites may have destroyed their old house, but Campbell Live viewers’ donations helped built them a new one. Tonight we return to Te Aroha to see the family whose lives you’ve helped change.
19:30 Territory CopsTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeathd
It's a desperate race to save a life when Sergeant Amee Meredith comes across a woman staggering along the side of the road late at night. S1 Ep8
20:00 Road MadnessTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeathd
Overtaking manoeuvres that will leave you stunned; video footage of bad driving in the USA; and drivers taking incredible risks at intersections. S1 Ep4
20:30 Monday Action Movie: PredatorsTELETEXT CAPTIONING PG 801 repeathd5.1
In this new chapter in the Predator universe, a group of cold-blooded killers are brought together on an alien planet to be hunted by a new breed of alien Predators. Starring Adrien Brody, Topher Grace, and Alice Braga. (2010)