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Survivor Blog ep 9: Little Miss Perfect

Survivor 'Little Miss Perfect' - FOUR Blog

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

It's all about Lisa this week as she struggles with the fallout from her failed attempt at a big Survivor move.  Which side of the coin do you fall under – did she make the right move or wrong move?

Episode Highlights

- To flip or not to flip?  This is the decision that plagues Lisa throughout the episode – should she hold on to her integrity and stay loyal to the tribe she started with or should she cut her losses and leave them since it's clear they are no longer loyal to her?

- We really get to see Jonathan and Michael in their "veteran glory" in the way they advise Lisa on her next move.  I thought Jonathan's "storytelling angle" was really clever and quite convincing.  It is true that as much as she would like to be "just Lisa", having been in the public eye since she was very young, she has her reputation and image to consider too.

- I also thought Michael raised two very good points. I'm happy that we are starting to see him put his game face on!  At this point in the game, everyone – especially if you're determined to win – should definitely be weighing out who you want to move forward with versus who you would rather play with.

- Abi continues to speak before thinking.  I completely agree with Artis – she is a loose cannon.  I really hope she doesn't make it to the end as she doesn't deserve it but then again, she would be ideal to take to the end because everyone hates her!  What I especially dislike about her is how she's always so quick to pick a fight.  She's also very disrespectful; she never lets anyone finish what they are saying!

- I love that Michael and Lisa who were considered the outsiders and the "bottom of the food chain" in the original Tandang now actually are in positions of power as they could change the course of the game depending on if they flip or not. 

My Predictions

- With Jonathan so close to getting voted off, I sense he will be trying his hardest to make a big move of some sort to save himself.  His best bet is definitely to continue working on convincing Lisa and Michael to flip.  I thought the whole good versus evil, or as he described it, "bullies versus Christians" angle was a smart – and accurate – way to go about it.

- Even without Jonathan in their ear, I do think Lisa and Michael will decide to flip anyway as they've been ostracized and mocked by their tribe from the beginning.  This would put the original Kalabow in a good position.  With Artis gone, the "bullies" group are down to two and I think their next best move will be to get out Abi and hopefully flush out her idol too.

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