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Survivor Blog Ep 8: Dead Man Walking

Survivor: Dead Man Walking, Survivor Blog on FOUR

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Fellow Survivor fans – how CRAZY was this episode?!  My mind was well and truly blown after that.  Jeff Probst said it was one of the most entertaining tribal councils ever and the most blown opportunity in the history of the game and he was right!

Episode Highlights

-Watch out castaways, Lisa's head is well and truly in the game and considering the moves she has made, she has become quite the "villain", in my opinion.  I definitely underestimated her.  I thought she may let one other person in on Malcolm's idol but to spread it around the way she did – that was pretty low.  I think she adopted the whole "the rules in Survivor life are not the same as real life" to convince herself that what she was doing wasn't so bad.

- Don't you just love it when Murphy's Law comes into play?  I knew that as soon as everyone decided that Jonathan was the one to go, he was more than likely going to win immunity.  I'm not his biggest fan but it's nice that he finally got his first individual win ever! 

- The amount of scrambling and reshuffling and LAST MINUTE scrambling in this episode was absolutely mental – I was struggling to keep up!  This is why I love this game and have followed it all these years.  I think many people think of it as "just another reality TV show" but it's so much more than that.  For one there's so much math involved in juggling alliances and working out votes!

- I don't think anyone has ever readily admitted to having the idol and then NOT play it prior to revealing the votes.  That was a bold move.  I get why Malcolm did it – even though everyone seemed convinced he actually didn't have the idol – but not sure why Abi followed suit?  I'm curious to see what's going to happen next now that the two idols and their owners are out in the open.

- Jeff's final words were the best!  He was the number one instigator for getting the returning players out of the game so it will be interesting to see if this little mission would still carry on moving forwards. 

My Predictions

- Judging by next week's preview, it looks like Lisa is the new "smelly kid" of the tribe and reasonably so.  I think she has burned her bridges with the "bullies" (Abi, Pete and Artis) and needless to say Malcolm as well, so her only hope may be to align with Jonathan and Michael.  If they did make it to the end, she would still stand a good chance at winning being up against two returning players.

- Pete being the self-proclaimed mastermind of the game, I think he is going to figure out some way to flush the idol(s) out.  He is still aligned with Abi so looks like Malcolm would be the target but then from this episode I got the feeling he's tiring of Abi and her immaturity.  She did also leak their strategy to the whole tribe which was stupid! 

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