Survivor Blog: Ep 14 Million Dollar Question

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by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

SPOILER ALERT!   Only read on if you have watched the season finale!

Another season has come to an end and what a fantastic one it has been with a great group of castaways, crazy strategic movies and exciting, nail-biting challenges.  This season is possibly the best one yet and proved why the show is still here after all these years.

Final Thoughts

- It was rather sad to see the Malcolm and Denise alliance crumble and eventually disintegrate.  I definitely think it cost Malcolm the win.  It’s frustrating that Malcolm had been playing a pretty much flawless game up to this point and then he does the same thing that sent Jonathan packing!

- Like the other three, I too was certain that Malcolm had it in the bag with the final immunity challenge, especially since he won an advantage at the reward challenge.  Sadly for him it was the one challenge that involved his Achilles heel: his shaky hands.

- I do have one gripe about that advantage – how come the others got to reset as well when Malcolm got his free reset?  By allowing the others to drop their ball too, how is that an advantage?  I was still happy when Michael won, as if it wasn’t going to be Malcolm, I wanted Michael to win.

- I am disappointed that Michael didn’t keep to his word and take Malcolm to the end – was so sure he would!  I can’t understand how Lisa and Michael didn’t/ couldn’t see what Malcolm said at tribal: he may have a good underdog story but Denise has the same one but just that much better. 

- I’ve been a fan of Michael’s ever since the Australian Outback season and I did want (preferably him)/ a returning Survivor to win and taking Denise was the wrong move.  He may not have won against Malcolm, but the votes would have been closer, in my opinion.

- I had a love/hate relationship with Lisa throughout the season.  I still maintain that she cannot play this game, though she did improve.  I do not think she deserved to make it to the end and it annoyed me that her spot was a given.  And she definitely didn’t deserve the Player of the Season prize!

- My favourite part of the finale is always when the jury finally get to address the final three.  It’s always so brutal – so good!  Jonathan’s was the most insightful but that was to be expected and I thought it was both sad but good justice for Malcolm to be able to pull Denise over the hot coals.

- I am already so excited for the next season!  I had a feeling there was going to be another Fans versus Favourites.  Hopefully they don’t bring back past winners – in my opinion, it’s unfair as they’ve won before and should give others the opportunity.  I hope Malcolm returns, and Carter!         

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