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Survivor Blog: Create a Little Chaos

Survivor Blog episode 4

by Faith-Ashleigh Wong

A rainy start to this week’s episode and it could not have been more depressing watching Matsing, a mere tribe of three now, huddled up trying to keep warm.  When their fire went out I couldn’t help but think – is this a sign?

Episode Highlights

- I sense Pete is going to be the instigator of much drama in this season after what he did!  Setting up RC by planting the hidden immunity idol clue in her bag so that Abi would spot it was both evil and genius!  I quite liked him last episode but his arrogance this week is irking me a bit.

- Looks like Jeff has warmed up to Jonathan.  He’s got it absolutely right that the game is all about being able to adapt and adjust.  Jonathan’s veteran status and immunity idol definitely make him potentially a very powerful player in the game so I don’t blame Jeff for changing tact and wanting to align with him.

- With Carter joining Jeff and Jonathan and the girls taking note of this, I’m curious to see if the girls would come together and form an alliance of their own.  We could have a battle of the sexes on our hands which would make things interesting!

- There have been some close races in challenges but this one was so nail-bitingly close! I was at the edge of my seat, screaming at the screen!  It looked hopeful for Matsing when they started off with a good lead; I was almost convinced that maybe I was wrong and that Matsing was going to break their losing streak.  The fact that it came down to the wire to that extent was just excruciating.

- Russell post-challenge was really awkward.  I do get what he’s saying though.  His mindset is a good one to have but as Jeff Probst pointed out, it’s unrealistic because a challenge is designed to have a winner and a loser.

- I really liked the suspense of this week’s tribal council! Because the vote was between just three people, anyone could have been the swing vote and anyone could have been the one to go.  I like that the Malcolm and Denise alliance stuck it out but I am also sad to say goodbye to the first veteran player...

My Predictions

- Looks like Matsing is still going ahead even with just two castaways left.  I still think there’s a possibility of a twist with either Malcolm and Denise splitting up and being reallocated to Tandang and Kalabow OR (and this just occurred to me) maybe Tandang and Kalabow have to nominate their tribesmates to move to Matsing?  OR maybe Jeff will just reshuffle the tribes once again.

- I think considering there is only Malcolm and Denise on Matsing and they are both aligned, the chances of them finding the idol together are pretty high.  Now the only thing left to wonder is, if they do find it and they lose AGAIN, who will play the idol?

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