Suitcase Table

Suitcase Table


· A power drill with 1/4 inch drill bit and screwdriver bit
· Washers
· Steel drywall anchors
· Rubber feet
· 1.5" screws (about 4cm)
· Stairway spindles cut to about 14" (about 35cm)
· A sturdy, vintage suitcase


· Find the centre of the top of each staircase spindle (table leg) by drawing a line diagonally on the top from 2 corners so a cross is formed – the centre will be in the middle of the cross.
· Drill a hole so that it doesn’t split
· Screw in a dry wall anchor. The anchor needs to be flush with the top of the table leg and not sticking out
· Mark out where the legs are going to go and start drilling holes through those marks
· Insert the screw with a washer through the pre- drilled hole from the inside of the suitcase
· Get someone to hold the table leg in place as the other drills the screw into the anchor
· Repeat for other leg
· Test to make sure it’s sturdy

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