Styling Your Skate Gear

Styling Your Skate Gear


- Helmet
- Cardboard to make your stencil
- Craft knife
- Spray paint
- Safety face mask
- Old clothes
- An oldie


1. Design your logo – draw your design onto thin cardboard (a recycled cereal box works well) and cut it out using a craft knife to make a stencil.
2. You will need to be in a well ventilated area, preferably outside for this step. Place the stencil on the area of your helmet where you want the logo then spray paint over it.

While you’re waiting for that to dry you can get started on making a sticker version of your logo for your skate deck!

1. Draw your logo onto heavy duty sticky paper and cover with duraseal to keep it well protected.
2. Get a pair of scissors and cut it out.
3. Trace the edge of your sticker onto the grip tape on your skateboard in the location you want your sticker to go.
4. Then using your craft knife, cut around the outline you traced on to your grip tape and peel the grip tape off. Your board will now have a space for your sticker to go.
5. Carefully place the sticker into the space on your board where there is no grip tape.

There you have it! Now you’ve got some styley gear to rock at the skate park!

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