Styley Trackies

Styley Trackies


- A pair of track pants
- Some thread to match your tack pants
- A sewing machine
- A piece of chalk
- An oldie to help


Now what’s in at the moment with track pants is having the legs tight from the knee down, but still abit loose from the knee up – kinda like skinny jeans! This is what you need to do to get this effect...

1. Start by wearing your trackies inside out and find out how tight you want them to be around your ankle. Once you’ve decided, use a pin to mark your starting point.
2. You'll need a trusty friend or oldie for this part! Pin down each leg to mark where your new seam will be…take off pants & now using chalk, mark a line along the seam, begin at your start point and gradually widen your pant leg as you make your way to the top. You want the legs to be skinny at the ankles and baggy at the top.
3. Next sew along the chalk line and form a new seam.
4. Snip off the old seam and voila! You’ve made some swag new trackies!

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