Starting Your Own Club

Starting Your Own Club

Once you have your members sussed, you need to decide what kind of club you are.Here are a few suggestions to get you started: 

Fan Club 

Things your club could do:
-write letters to your favourite bands or singers
-watch music vids
-make up dances to their songs
-make your own music vids (like the Biebs and Selena did for Carly Rae Jepsen!)

Making the world a better place

Things your club could do:
-have a secret mission to do at least one random act of kindness every day!
-collect your old toys & clothes to give to Salvation Army, Red Cross or Hospice shops. 
-find out if there’s anyone who might need a helping hand around their house or garden – ask your parents if they know anyone who could do with some extra help and if they’d like you and your club members to lend a hand.
-have a bake sale or car wash to raise some money for a charity.

Trying new things

Things your club could do:
-try foods you’ve never eaten before. 
-try out new sports. 
-introduce each other to new people. 
-listen to new types of music. 

Crafty Club

Things your club could do:
-bring all your crafty bits and pieces to meetings and make stuff together. 
-teach each other how to make stuff. 
-see if you can sell your crafts!
-ask your parents or grandparents to teach your club new crafts (like knitting or crocheting!)

Outdoorsy Club

-play sports together.
-ask an oldie to take you on bush walks. 
-camp out in someone’s backyard.

Club Kitty:

A club kitty is a good idea so that you can have some club money to do stuff together as a club!You could start saving for something, or use it for club activities, or to buy stationery or snacks for your club!

Ideas for getting money for your kitty:

- Each club member could contribute: maybe once a month everyone puts in $2, or every meeting everyone puts in 50c.
- Odd jobs: maybe your club members could do odd jobs after club meetings for a small payment and put that into the club kitty – like lawnmowing, gardening, cleaning, having a carwash, busking or selling something like baking or crafts.
- Have a sale: you could have a bake sale or a craft sale and use the money for your club kitty.

Places to Have Your Club Meetings:

1. Garden Shed

-it’s nice and close to your house!
-it’s a nice private space to discuss secret club business
-it has a roof so you can have club meetings in any weather

-if you have lots of people in your club it might be a bit squashed!
-There might be lots of creepy crawlies in the garden shed
-Your mum or dad might need to get stuff out of the club shed – so your meetings could get interrupted sometimes

2. Your Favourite Tree

-each club member can have an official tree branch to sit on
-it’s a nice way to enjoy the outdoors with your club!
-It’s a good lookout point so you can see if anyone’s coming – and make sure nobody’s listening in on secret club business

-if you have long club meetings, tree branches sometimes aren’t the most comfortable places to sit
-if you have a dog in your club, like us, he’ll have trouble getting to club meetings!
-It’s not set up for all weather conditions – if it rains, you won’t be able to meet!

3. Outside in the backyard

-it’s nice to hang out outside!
-You can probably find a nice secret spot in the back garden
-Heaps of room for your whole club!

-not great if the weather is bad

4. Your bedroom

-can take turns having club meetings in each club member’s room
-nice and comfy – can sit on the bed
-good in any weather

-you might have to tidy up after everyone leaves

Stuff to do

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