Soccer Golf

Soccer Golf

To make soccer golf you’ll need to decide how many holes you want to play – This is completely up to you!

Now like on the show, you can dig holes in a paddock…BUT you need to ask whoever’s paddock it is first! But as an alternative you can also use old tyres, hula hoops or even a bucket to kick your ball into!


1) Sit down and draw up a plan of your soccer golf course, it can be as easy or as hard as you want it.

Soccer golf plan

2) You can put as many obstacles as you want – make it fun and a challenge.

Sticky TV soccer golf

3) You can make up flags to number your holes, but it’s not a big deal if you don’t, you’ll have the plan to go from anyway.
4) Make sure you have a decent ball to kick around – you can take turns with the ball.


Each kick is you take to get the ball into the hole is counted. The person with the least amount of kicks at the end of the final hole is the winner!

Sticky TV soccer golf

Have fun creating soccer golf at home…and send us in photos!

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