Snow Globe

Snow Globe

- Silver glitter and dried coconut
- Coloured polymer - White, black and or course orange for the nose (you can get it at craft stores)
- A nice clean jar - a preserve jar is best so it's leak free.
- Styrofoam ball cut in half. It's not the end of the world if you don't have a round one, just use what you can find lying around the house.
- Some ribbon to decorate the bottom of the jar
- Hot glue gun

1) Make Olaf out of the polymer and bake in the oven as per instructions on the packet.
2) Make sure the styrofoam ball will half fit into the jar with enough room to screw the lid on.
3) Glue styrofoam to the lid - this is your snowy mountain.
4) Put in the tree clipping to set the scene and glue Olaf to the styrofoam and wait until dry.
5) Pour a mixture of glitter and dried coconut into the jar - fill 1/3 of the jar. This will make Elsa's snow storm when you shake the jar.
6) Fasten the lid and turn upside down! Taddah! Decorate the lid rim with ribbon to brighten it up.

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