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Season 1 Ep 8

Season 1 Ep 8

An elaborate movie-style wedding proposal for a young couple. An eight- year-old meets his favourite All Black; and the Cadbury Dream Team brings heroes to the streets in a real life video game. Final. S1 Ep8


Cadbury Dream Factory

Cadbury Dream Factory

The Cadbury Dream Factory brings Kiwis' dreams to life in the wildest, most unpredictable and highly engaging show of the year!

From dreams that are truly life changing, that capture the emotion and the heart, to dreams that inspire the most random acts of spontaneous and hilarious joy.

The Cadbury Dream Team is Brooke Howard Smith, Jesse Griffin, Kimberley Crossman, Walter Neilands and Guy Montgomery. They surprise New Zealanders with extraordinary, amazing moments that will capture the heart of the nation.


Walter and his two new BFFs in their brand new Castle of Adventure!

Behind The Scenes of The Best Job In The World!

So many magical moments this season - check out the Cadbury Dream Team hard at work!

Sam confused, excited, ecstatic!

A Tale of Three Sams & More Joy Than You Can Handle

Relive the joyful moments from our season finale!


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