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Drew Neemia - FOUR Live

Musician, dancer, model and all-round cool guy, like Britney Spears, Drew Neemia started off young on a 90s kids show, McDonald’s Young Entertainers. He then went on to Sticky TV, followed by co-hosting on FOUR with Shannon Ryan. He’s always welcome on Jono and Ben at Ten and most recently featured on the Edge Drive Show (Screw with Drew).

The 28 year- old Wellingtonian writes and records his own music, plays the drums and guitar. His biggest achievement in music so far was debuting at No.1 on iTunes with Smashproof’s song ‘Paint Fade’ which they performed on X Factor NZ last year.

As well as hosting FOUR Live, Drew directs Sticky TV and enjoys rugby, basketball, boxing and rock’n’roll dancing; he was once the Junior National Champion!

What’s the best part of your job on FOUR Live?

“The best part of my job is home time… Jokes!! It would have to lunch time…Jokes again!! Interviewing international artists/actors that come to NZ is definitely the best part of my job.”

Who are your favourite artists?

“Justin Timberlake, Jeff Buckley, Chris Brown, Drake, Drew Neemia (Lol).”

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