Rock Dominoes

Rock Dominoes


- A white paint pen, twink, or white paint and a thin paint brush
- 28 smooth flat stones


1. Begin by drawing a line across the center of each.
2. Then on either side of the line, mark with two sets of dots in every combination from zero to six.

Then once your paint has dried you can get playing the game.

1. Each person picks 7 dominos (from upside down stones)
2. The person with the highest double goes first!
3. You take turns placing a domino on the table next to a domino with the same number.
4. If you don't have any matching numbers you have to pick one up and miss a turn.
5. When there's no more dominos in the pile you pass.
6. The game finishes when everyone passes.
7. Each person adds up the numbers of their remaining dominos and the person with the lowest score wins.

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